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Hospital continues to receive donations to fight Covid-19 | 02 September 2020

Hospital continues to receive donations to fight Covid-19

The department of health yesterday accepted donations from various partners aimed at fighting the spread of Covid-19.

The donations came from the National Disaster Relief Fund (NDRF) and Cable and Wireless who partnered together to donate a PCR machine, Gran Kaz donated a ventilator and Ruth Rosette made a personal monetary contribution.

Lekah Nair, the chairperson of the NDRF and George D’Offay, director for customer experience at CWS, handed over the PCR Machine to the Public Health Commissioner Jude Gedeon who accepted the donation on behalf of the hospital.

“I would like to sincerely thank CWS and NDFR for their donation as testing has become a key strategy in limiting the spread of Covid-19. Without adequate testing we cannot give an adequate response. As I speak we have already surpassed 5000 PCR tests and with this machine we will be able to run hundreds of tests in one day,” said Dr Gedeon.

Speaking on behalf of CWS, Mr D’Offay said he hopes that the hospital makes good use of the machine and deliver an excellent service to the people of Seychelles.

On her part Mrs Nair added that NDRF is very happy to donate this PCR machine, together with CWS, given that the Public Health Authority is currently dependent on one machine.

“We are hopeful that this donation will strengthen existing Covid-19 testing facilities and help prevent the spread of Covid-19 with accurate and quick testing,” she added.

The machine has cost US $288,000 (approximately R4.7 million) of which NDRF donated R2.6 million and Cable and Wireless donated R2.1 million.

Mrs Nair remarked that this donation demonstrates NDRF's commitment to supporting the country's efforts to respond effectively to the Covid-19 pandemic.

“In times of national emergency, such as the case with this pandemic, it is important that there is one clear route for people to give financial support, if and when they want to, and for that money to get where it is needed without delay. This is exactly what the NDRF was set up to do,” said Mrs Nair.

“While there is much that government can and is doing, there is also a strong desire from the public to help, despite the tough and uncertain times. It is incredible to see the limitless kindness and support of Seychellois, in times of community need. The outpouring of national solidarity and support has been phenomenal,” she noted.

Mrs Nair added that NDRF has raised nearly R10 million to date and have seen many acts of kindness from the general public. All this has clearly demonstrated the interconnected nature of our people, our nation – and that no one is safe, until, everyone is safe. Only by acting in solidarity, can we overcome the devastating impacts of this virus. Only through kindness, can we inspire hope for a better future.

For Covid-19, R9.9 million has been collected from 30 individuals who Mrs Nair thanked for their kindness.

The funds raised have been used mostly for equipment and other resources such as ventilators, analyser and patient monitors, for frontline health workers and assistance of the population potentially affected by the infection, supporting the country in its quick and agile response to the outbreak. Beginning today, on a weekly basis, the donors of NDRF, who have made specific donations to the chosen equipment, will be invited to present to the health authorities, the equipment they have financed.

Shama Amesbury, public relations and communications manager for Gran Kaz, presented a ventilator to the chief executive of the Health Care Agency, Dr Danny Louange.

“In the past we have always tried to support the hospital in any way we can, so when Covid-19 made its appearance in Seychelles we did not hesitate to lend a hand,” said Ms Amesbury.

She noted that preparedness is key and the donation of the ventilator was done in that spirit, adding that they wanted to increase the number of ventilators the hospital has just in case of an outbreak.

On his part Dr Louange noted that donating a ventilator is very important especially during this pandemic.

“I would like to thank Gran Kaz as we have always been a close partner and it has always worked with us to identify our needs. In this fight against this invisible enemy a ventilator is key. It is essential for us to have a set of ventilators separate from the ventilators in our health facilities,” said Dr Louange.

He finished by thanking Gran Kaz for its support and expressed his wishes for continuous partnership in the future.

Ruth Rosette, who could not attend the ceremony, has been thanked by both doctors for her donation.

The accompanying photos by our photographer Jude Morel show highlights of the handover ceremony.


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