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Voters’ register certified ahead of general elections | 16 September 2020

Voters’ register certified ahead of general elections

Chief registration officer Lynn Gillian Bilal certifying the voters’ register

In accordance to Section 9 of the Elections Act 1995, the Electoral Commission Seychelles yesterday, Tuesday September 15, 2020, certified the voters’ register which was closed on Tuesday August 11, 2020 in preparation for the upcoming Presidential and National Assembly elections.
This certified register reflects all changes made to the voters’ register since January 1, 2020 to date.
The register certified on September 15, 2020 will be available for verification by members of the public via the SMS platform 9600 (send NIN without characters and receive a confirmation text) and on the Electoral Commission Seychelles website
Members of the public who are unable to verify their names on the before-mentioned services are encouraged to call the electoral commission on 4295555.
A copy will also be circulated to all candidates and political parties taking part in the upcoming elections.
Members of the public are encouraged to use the before-mentioned methods to verify their names as in line with department of health advisory visits to the electoral commission headquarters are strongly discouraged.
In this election year, the Electoral Commission Seychelles wishes to further reiterate the need for all voters to be election ready and hence encourages voters to verify that their details are correct as per the new register through the means stated above.

Press release from the Office of the Electoral Commission Seychelles

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