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World Maritime Day | 24 September 2020

World Maritime Day

Minister Dogley

‘Sustainable shipping for a sustainable planet’


‘Sustainable shipping for a sustainable planet’ is the theme chosen to mark this year’s World Maritime Day being celebrated today, September 24.

On this occasion the minister responsible for ports & marine, Didier Dogley, has sent the following message:

“The World Maritime Day provides us as a small island developing state with the opportunity to reflect on the value and importance of our maritime and shipping industry to our socio-economic development.

“This year, our small nation is celebrating its 250th anniversary and today reminds us that our history was enabled by the travels which our ancestors began by sea, to arrive to our islands.

“Since then, our country’s development has been tied to and to this day is still reliant on our maritime sector, which ensures our connectivity in between our islands and to the world.

“In our local context, the importance of our maritime sector is highlighted by its direct link to our two economic pillars, the fisheries and the tourism industries. “The sector is also instrumental in ensuring the daily commute of passengers, goods and essential commodities between our islands.

“Protecting this asset and ensuring its sustained development must therefore remain an important focus for us, as a nation.

“This is befitting to this year’s chosen theme for the day ‘Sustainable shipping for a sustainable planet’ which aims to highlight the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal for a sustainable transport sector supporting world trade and facilitating global economy.

“As we celebrate the World Maritime Day, let us also be reminded that safety at sea must always be at the forefront, to safeguard our environment, the vessels and most importantly the lives of the people who sail upon our seas.

“Safe boating simply cannot be compromised and seafarers need to take sea safety more seriously.

“The recent tragic maritime incidents underline how our efforts to promote maritime safety can never stop.

“Steps towards strengthening the institutions tasked with promoting maritime safety has seen the SMSA become an autonomous body, overseen by a board. “Through a restructuring of the Marine Accident Investigation Board, whose role is to identify causes of marine incidents and propose safety recommendations to prevent recurrences of similar nature, it is aimed that the improved system will better identify the gaps in our present safety regulations and maritime operating standards.

“The Seychelles also needs to continue its effort to meet and adhere to international maritime norms and obligations.

“On this day, we also extend our support to our neighbours, Mauritius, who are still battling the aftermath of an oil spill into its protected marine ecosystem.

“This unfortunate environmental calamity reminds us that we also need to ensure our preparedness and capacity to respond to such disasters.

“The continuous enhancement of safety and protection of our natural environment will always be the cornerstone of the sustainable development of our maritime economy.

“The founders of International Maritime Organisation (IMO) gave member States the means to cooperate, through its many Conventions and Protocols, to ensure the safety of all who travel and work in the seas as a way to foster the development of the industry, while keeping our seas and airs clean for posterity.

“Thanks to the tremendous achievements the maritime industry has accomplished, people take to the seas each day confidently in cruise ships, container ships traverse the wide expanses of our oceans bringing vital trade between continents, as well as the fishing trade, and of course those who take to waters for pleasure.

“On this day, I take the opportunity to salute the men and women who work in our maritime sector.

“We celebrate World Maritime Day.”


Didier Dogley

Minister for Tourism, Civil Aviation, Ports & Marine

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