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50 Million African Women Speak Networking Platform Project (50MAWS) | 09 October 2020

Local PR consultant being recruited to better create awareness, enroll users to the platform


Since Seychelles joined 37 other African countries on the African women entrepreneurs’ digital platform late August this year, a total of 7,165 women from 10 countries including Seychelles have registered.

At present a local PR consultant to be based here, is being recruited to better create awareness and enroll users on the platform.

The chief executive of Enterprise Seychelles Agency (Esa), Angelic Appoo, said the recruitment which is being done in collaboration with Esa is to be finalised soon and the consultant is expected in the position by next month.

With regard to the number of women entrepreneurs from Seychelles enrolled on the platform so far, Ms Appoo said the figures have not yet been segregated by Comesa which is operating the platform.

The aim of such a digital platform, which is available via web and on mobile devices as an app, is to empower millions of women in Africa to start, grow, and scale up businesses by providing a one-stop shop for their specific information needs.

The 50MAWS platform aims to facilitate a dynamic and engaging exchange of ideas among women entrepreneurs, using the social media to connect them with one another in ways that will foster peer-to-peer learning, mentoring and   sharing of information and knowledge within communities and access to financial services and market opportunities between urban and rural areas, and across borders and between countries.

The project was successfully introduced in 15 of the targeted 17 Comesa member states between 2018 and 2019. Furthermore, development of the platform and the primary phase of generation of content were successfully undertaken between 2018 and 2019. The platform is now accessible at It is also available as an app on the Google Play and Apple stores. To unveil the platform to the world, Comesa in collaboration with its implementing partners and the AfDB held a global launch of the 50 Million African Women Speak platform on November 26, 2019 during the Global Gender Summit in Kigali, Rwanda.


Marie-Anne Lepathy



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