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Update Covid-19 | 23 October 2020

Update Covid-19

(L tor r) Dr Louange, Ms Jean and Dr Gedeon during the press conference yesterday (Photo: Joena Meme)

Four active cases in Seychelles


● Regional health services operational 24 hours on election day and post-election day


Seychelles currently has four active cases of Covid-19 and all patients are doing well.

This was announced by Public Health Commissioner, Dr Jude Gédéon, in yesterday’s press conference at the Sheikh Khalifa Diagnostic Centre alongside Health Care Agency chief executive, Dr Danny Louange. Rita Jean, coordinator of the infection prevention and control programme, was also in attendance to explain once again the precautionary measures that need to be taken by each individual during the election time.

“We urge the population to be vigilant. The outbreak is still growing globally and we are seeing an increase in the number of cases in countries where there is winter. But we are also seeing an increase in Malaysia where it is summer. Over 1 million people have lost their lives globally. We are lucky in Seychelles that nobody has lost their lives because of all the work that has been done to prevent the outbreak from spreading in Seychelles. Currently we have one patient on Ile Plate and three in the isolation centre at Persévérance. They are all asymptomatic and are doing well. So far we have done 2054 PCR tests in October and Seychelles has signed the COVAX initiative (see separate story) so that we get access to the vaccine as quickly as possible and as soon as it becomes available. The Seychelles government has been committed to this programme and we are in the process of making the first advance payment,” said Dr Gedeon.

Regarding quarantine and election, Dr Louange stated that currently there are 63 people in quarantine.

“We will continue to have this service as we still have incoming flights and if there is need to do contact tracing. For election day on Saturday and post-election day on Sunday, our services will be available. As Saturday is a public holiday, we will keep providing health services in our regional centres at Anse Royale and Anse Boileau. We have added the English River health centre to the list. Normally it is opened till 8pm, but we will keep it open throughout the weekend. This is to make sure that we provide enough services to the public. For the Seychelles Hospital, we have already made provision for our staff to be on stand-by on Saturday and Sunday. We also have ambulance services on stand-by. It is also important for us to maintain our Covid-19 testing and all stations that were designated for testing will be operational even if Saturday is a public holiday,” said Dr Louange.

For patients who need to vote, Dr Louange noted that the health department will make provision for them to go and vote. They will each be evaluated by their doctor and if the person is fit mentally and physically, she/he will be able to leave the hospital to go and vote. The person who will accompany that person will also have to sign the exit form.

The public is advised to call the health services for any queries.

Dr Gédéon also noted that yesterday was the first day of voting and they have been receiving some calls that do not make them happy.

“The pictures we have seen and the phone calls we have received are not making us happy. We urge the Electoral Commission to please make sure there is enough staff to maintain social distancing while in the lines at the polling stations. The public should also assume its responsibility and be responsible citizens. Maintain your distance. All of you will have the chance to vote and choose the right time to vote. Everybody has their mask, please use your mask to protect yourself and others. Finally, I would advise the public to stay calm and let us act as a civilised nation and perform our duty in harmony. Let’s hope that we will continue to live peacefully with each other in peace and harmony,” concluded Dr Gédéon.


Vidya Gappy

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