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SBC receives donation of masks to protect staff against Covid-19 | 30 October 2020

SBC receives donation of masks to protect staff against Covid-19

The handover of the donation (Photo: Anel Robert)

The Seychelles Broadcasting Corporation got a donation of 18,000 masks yesterday from the Chinese ambassador and the construction company responsible for building the new SBC house.

Present at the handover ceremony at the SBC headquarters was its chief executive Bérard Duprès, the project manager for SBC house Luo Lan, the chief of economic and commercial office of the Chinese embassy Francis He and SBC staff.

“This project, as we know, is being achieved through the very significant and generous grant by the Chinese government. We are honoured that you have chosen the SBC to make this generous donation of 18,000 disposable masks,” said the CEO.

He added that with the risks that Covid-19 poses to the collective health and wellbeing, this gift from a friendly country who can help alleviate such risks is a touching and much appreciated gesture.

“It is proven that wearing a mask properly and consistently will significantly reduce the risk of a person catching the virus and indeed, spreading the virus. The department of health has aptly decreed the wearing of masks to be mandatory on public premises. This donation is therefore very much appreciated,” he said.

He continued by saying that SBC will make good use of these disposable masks to help protect their staff, especially journalists and crew who are invariably at increased risks when on assignments.

“Protecting our staff is key to ensuring that the SBC continues to provide the essential service that it is mandated to deliver. This significant gift also underscores the special consideration that the corporation enjoys with the Chinese embassy. We look forward to enhancing our already good collaboration, notably in ensuring that we have properly trained staff to operate the premium broadcasting facility that you are gifting us,” he said in conclusion.

On his part Mr He added that people are saying that the pandemic separates and divides people, forces us to keep distance and give up handshaking and kissing, the usual ways we greet each other.

“But my observation is different. Although we might lost some body contact, in terms of the relationship between our two countries and two peoples, it hasn't

been weakened, instead the bonds of friendship have been enhanced and strengthened especially this year.

“A small example if I may, during this Covid pandemic, more than 300,000

masks, besides other medical equipment, have been donated by China to Seychelles. They are from everywhere, some are from Chinese central government, some from municipals like Shanghai and Guangzhou, some from NGOs like Alibaba foundation, and some from Chinese entrepreneurs like Mr Lou. We even have contributions from the First Lady of China,” he said.

Mr He also added that since now Seychelles has a new First Lady, we can reasonably assume there will be more interactions between the two Ladies.


Christophe Zialor

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