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Budget to be presented in January 2021, says President Ramkalawan | 04 November 2020

President Wavel Ramkalawan has confirmed that the budget for 2021 will be presented in January 2021, instead of the usual end of year, to allow the technical experts at the Ministry of Finance, Economic Planning and Trade to further work on the budget. A task made more challenging for this ministry with the Covid-19 pandemic.

A supplementary budget will soon be brought to the National Assembly to cover for government expenses up until the start of next year.

Meanwhile, on the subject of the 13th month salary, President Ramkalawan noted that he cannot make any final announcement in that regard until the Minister for Finance, Naadir Hassan, analyses its feasibility vis-à-vis the current state of the economy.

“To be honest I would love for everyone to get their 13th month salary[…] but we are faced with an economic uncertainty which is worrisome and we have to see if we have the money to do so. Sacrifices are to be done and these sacrifices will have to start at State House and trickle down,” said President Ramkalawan.


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