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Seychelles International Airport to introduce pay parking facilities | 19 November 2020

Seychelles International Airport to introduce pay parking facilities

The pay parking access system will be installed at the main public parking –Parking A – also the largest parking area at the airport (Photo source: SCAA)

A pay parking access system is to be introduced at the Seychelles International Airport (SIA) as from December 1, to ensure the safety, security and convenience of airport users.

This new development is also part of the Seychelles Civil Aviation Authority’s (SCAA) strategic plan to improve safety, security and expand commercial avenues through the redevelopment of traffic management at the airport.

The pay parking access system is to be installed at the main public parking –Parking A – also the largest parking area at the airport, situated behind the Sky Chef building.

Florence Marengo, the general manager for commercial, said that with the new system, SCAA will be able to provide a better service to airport customers by ensuring availability of parking space and more importantly improving safety and security oversight in line with international obligations including health measures.

“The project, which was due to start in August, has been delayed until now, in view of Covid-19. It is a component of the Landside Traffic and Parking Restructuring project by the Authority. SCAA has invested approximately R700,000 for the implementation of this first phase of the pay parking system. The system will be upgraded in the near future to a fully-fledged automated system for more efficiency with complimentary services such as more personalised services, e-pay services, covered parking options among others. This will be considered in the year ahead depending on our financial position,” said Miss Marengo.

Once operational, the parking facility will have a capacity of 315 slots and an additional 17 for motorbikes.

The business development manager, Jusha Marguerite, explained that “Parking A and Parking B have been merged to increase capacity, while Parking C remains as a designated parking area for car hire operators with contractual agreements with the airport”.

To note that other areas have already been designated for other operators including taxis, DMCs (destination management companies). All these operators will still be able to use the main parking as per conditions in place.

The public will be able to use the parking facilities free of charge for the first 15 minutes and from there on a rate of R20 shall be applicable up to an hour of parking.

Clients requiring the long-term service can contact the SCAA’s pay parking office at the airport or register directly online on the SCAA or the SIA websites.

Parking charges for the public will be applicable as follows:

Duration                                                                                                   Rates


First 15 minutes                                                                                            FREE

Up to 1-hour                                                                                                    R20

Maximum daily charge (24hr)                                                                       R480


1-3 days                                                                                                     R1,000

4-6 days                                                                                                     R2,100

7 days                                                                                                         R2,800

Penalty fee for lost tickets/cards                                                                  R600

Daily parking rate of R480 shall apply on days exceeding 7-day duration.

Airport staff, currently using the parking during working hours will still have access, at a reduced monthly fee of R250 per employee.

All parking areas at SIA will continue to be monitored by aviation security and the police, and any violations of traffic and parking rules on the premises is subject to a penalty fee of R200 in line with national road transport regulations.


Press release from SCAA








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