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‘No Need to Speed’ | 20 November 2020

‘No Need to Speed’

(L to r) ASP Desnousse, Mr Denis and Mr Simara during the press meet (Photo: Anel Robert)

  • 2425 road accidents recorded from January to October 2020


Did you know that from January to October this year, 2425 road accidents have been registered by the police department in Seychelles? Out of this number, seven (7) have been fatal and 419 people have reported to the hospital.

These information were given to the press on Wednesday by members of the Road Safety Advisory Committee (RSAC) – Wilson Denis, Road Transport Commissioner; head of traffic division ASP Antoine Desnousse and Dan Simara, engineer at the Seychelles Lands Transport Authority (SLTA).

“It is alarming and people have to realise that Road Safety is a shared responsibility,” noted Mr Denis.

This year, in view of Covid-19, the activities to mark Road Safety Week have changed format and there will be a radio quiz competition, a poster competition (from October to January 31, 2021) for crèche and primary schools children and there is also a mascot competition for post-secondary schools which will also end on January 31, 2021.

“We need to change our behaviour with regard to how we drive and conduct ourselves on the road. On the road we have also vulnerable people such as pedestrians. As we enter our transport, we have to be aware of all the lurking dangers. Precautions need to be taken by all – pedestrians, scooter drivers, bicycles and car drivers. The department of Land Transport and SLTA are trying to put the warning signs on the road, but still drivers should be cautious at all times.”

“We have to be conscious the road is our friend, the road is not dangerous. If we use it properly, we will be safe. Alcohol and driving do not go well together. We cannot tolerate speeding on the streets and we, the police, go all out to make sure that people respect the speeding limits. There are accidents caused by motor cyclists that have caused death and the cases are in Court. It is not worthwhile to speed and find yourself with a fine of R5000 – R6000 or even cause a death or even being a victim of the road accident,” noted ASP Desnousse.

ASP Desnousse further announced that as from December 4 they will run an intensive campaign to educate motorists. It is important for the public to note that sentences due to road accidents can come in the form of a fine or even a prison term.

“We are seeing many people losing their licenses for a few months and we are grateful to the Court who are also helping in maintaining discipline on the roads,” added ASP Desnouse.

Regarding the education of drivers, ASP Desnouse noted that “as soon as a driver receives their license in hand, their attitude changes. They know all the rules and regulations but many of them like to show off. Why do we need to do that? Why all fatal accidents are caused by the male gender? We barely record serious accidents caused by females? It is a fact that many girls/women get their license for cars and scooters and they do it well. From the age of 18-25 years, the young men should think well as soon as they are behind the wheel.”

Mr Simara gave some details of upcoming work at the roundabout of Plaisance and Mont Fleuri and also the erection of crash barriers wherever there is a need.

Mr Denis concluded the press meet by urging all of us to be careful on the streets. “Whether you are a pedestrian or a motorist, we should be alert when we are on the road. Using our phone as a pedestrian and while driving diminishes the concentration level that leads to accident. Road safety is a shared responsibility and we should not take it lightly.”

This year’s Road Safety Week is being celebrated under the theme ‘No Need to Speed’.


Vidya Gappy

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