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Global Entrepreneurship Week: Closing remarks by Investment, Entrepreneurship and Industry Minister Devika Vidot | 27 November 2020

Global Entrepreneurship Week: Closing remarks by Investment, Entrepreneurship and Industry Minister Devika Vidot

Minister Vidot

‘Thank you partners and sponsors’


“After a week of celebrations, we have reached the end of this year’s Global Entrepreneurship Week. I would like to personally acknowledge and thank all of our partners and sponsors that assisted in making this year’s edition a success.

“Primarily, a heartfelt thank you to the Global Entrepreneurship Network for selecting Seychelles as the focus country for this year’s edition. We are deeply honoured and grateful for being bestowed such a privilege and we look forward to collaborating on future endeavors.

“I would like to recognise the government bodies that assisted with organising this year’s campaign; I commend the Enterprise Seychelles Agency, the Seychelles Investment Board and the National institute of Science Technology and Innovation for their outstanding contributions, which contributed towards making this week successful.

“I would like to express my deepest of appreciations to our local private sector partners and sponsors because you were able to open your doors especially during a time when you could have been finding ways to overcome the effects of the pandemic on your business. In my opening message at the start of the Global Entrepreneurship week, I remarked that an entrepreneur is regarded as one that is not deterred by risks, someone who endures the unpredictability of business and embraces change. You are those change drivers and that brands you as role models to the future generations of businesses.

“To the general population, I hope that the multitude of events and communications experienced during this week have changed your view of entrepreneurship. We hope that the Global Entrepreneurship Week has ignited a fire in many hearts and inspired a new generation of entrepreneurs.

“Finally, I stand in admiration of the entrepreneurship and industry department who took on the mammoth task of leading the organisation of this year’s campaign. Your hard work and tireless efforts ensured that the Global Entrepreneurship Week was meticulously organised and executed.

“As we look ahead to next year’s edition, which will be hosted by Seychelles yet again, let us all remember that entrepreneurs are the heart of the economy, and are vital in ensuring sustainable economic growth. As we rebuild our economy let us all arise to the occasion and take advantage of the opportunities availed by the Covid-19 crisis.

“Thank you and rendezvous next year.”


Press release from the entrepreneurship and industry department

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