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Gregory Albert is HIS’ ‘Win Big’ raffle winner | 11 July 2019

Gregory Albert is HIS’ ‘Win Big’ raffle winner

Mr Albert accepting the keys of his new Hyundai Ioniq Hybrid car from Mr Woodcock

Gregory Albert is the lucky winner of the H. Savy Insurance (HIS) Win Big raffle and the owner of a brand new Hyundai Ioniq Hybrid vehicle.

The draw for the second raffle took place at Le Chantier Mall on June 28 and the star prize was officially presented to Mr Albert in a brief ceremony at Maison Marengo, Au Cap yesterday evening.

Mr Albert was presented with the keys to his brand new environmentally-friendly vehicle by the general manager of HIS, Lambert Woodcock, in the midst of staff and the management of the organisation as well as his insurance brokers ABS.

“I was not in Seychelles but was overseas and when I learned the news, it came as a big surprise as I was not even aware that there was a draw happening but when I got the details, I asked a couple of times as I’m not usually the lucky type. From what I understand, there was 1000 people in the draw and to be that one number to come out, I feel very privileged. I know there are plenty of people who wanted to win so I wish them the best of luck for the next year,” Mr Albert noted.

Mr Albert continued to state that the draw is a good initiative and a way for the business organisation to give back to its clients especially since comprehensive car insurance is not necessarily cheap.

“I want to thank H Savy Insurance for the initiative and I also want to thank my broker ABS who always seeks the best deals on the market as competition is stiff nowadays and PMC as it is the sponsor of the car this year,” he said.

Asked how he will make use of his newly acquired vehicle, Mr Albert remarked that he has followed in his father’s footsteps to become an entrepreneur and thus invests a lot and could thus make use of the car in one of his business organisations or as a means to pay off some of the loans to which he is committed.

“I am a person who invests a lot and I am very committed with bank loans and all that so I will need to reflect on how I will use it either in one of my companies or as a means of paying off some of my loans. What I can assure however is that it will be put to good use, whether direct or indirectly,” he said.

GM Woodcock noted that the draw is an initiative which aims to encourage more customers to take up comprehensive insurance policies and is also a good way for H Savy to give back to the community and its loyal clients.

The car presented to Mr Albert is the second vehicle to be given away by H Savy Insurance. Last year, Dania Frederic won a Honda Hybrid Fit and the company intends to give away a brand new Toyota Yaris hybrid vehicle next year to mark the 25th anniversary of H Savy Insurance, with the support of Abhaye Valabhji.

The date for next year’s draw is currently being finalised.

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