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16 tips for 16 days of Activism against Gender based violence (GBV) | 02 December 2020

The United Nations and its member countries each year from November 25 to December 10 commemorate 16 Days of Activism against Gender based violence (GBV). The campaign calls for the elimination of violence against women and children. This year’s theme is ‘Orange the World: Fund, Respond, Prevent, Collect!’ The Gender secretariat under the Ministry of Youth, Sports and Family will share a tip per day on GBV for this period of activism.


What is intimate partner violence?

Intimate partner violence occurs between people who are in a romantic relationship married, cohabiting or a former spouse. It can manifest in any of the four main types of abuse: physical, financial, emotional, and sexual often in combination including stalking. It can occur in one episode but it can also manifest for longer periods of time over multiple years and statistics have shown that it affects women more than men. You are at risk if you feel that your partner has an overriding sense of power and control over you. If you feel trapped in your relationship, you are afraid of your partner, you feel like you are being manipulated or used, then you are at risk of being in an abusive relationship.

Recognise! Respond! Report!


Break the silence! Contact the helplines below:

Helplines:                        428 80 00 Seychelles Police

428 15 00 Social Affairs

                                                Talk to a friend.

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