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School holidays: Trending ways to keep your children happy and busy | 04 December 2020

School holidays: Trending ways to keep your children happy and busy

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As the year comes to an end and children commence their school holidays, many parents are beginning to wonder about some of the best ways to keep their children entertained while they still keep on learning and getting some physical activity.

This year’s end-of-year school holidays also come at a time when guidelines are in place because of the coronavirus pandemic, meaning children might not be able to fully engage in some of their usual holiday activities.

Below, we present you with a few holiday activities you can do at home together with your children.


Cooking and baking

There are now so many recipes online to choose from to make almost any dish or baked good that you wish. If your child is old enough, take the time to bond with them while you teach them how to make a recipe that you know they will enjoy eating together with you afterwards. Better still, you can even teach them some favourite family recipes.


Create and play music

If your child has any musical instruments tucked away under the bed or in a cupboard somewhere, take it out, or if they don’t have one, try searching for one they’ll like in the local shops. Creating and playing music is said to be a great way for children to develop their motor skills. There are some great websites you can have a look at where children can learn to create and play music online.


Keep active

If you’re looking for ways to keep your child active during the school holidays, it’s always nice to get out for a bit together with them and get some fresh air; try playing some games in the garden, or going for little walks that are suitable for your child. In December we tend to get quite a bit of rain, so if that doesn’t permit you and your child to get outdoors as much, you can try finding suitable online exercise videos for children which you can do together in the house.


Catch up on reading

Long days at home can be perfect to get in some family reading time. Pick up some good children’s books at local bookshops and take the time to read them together with your child. There are also the options of children’s audiobooks or downloading books from Kindle. Books provide not only a great way to keep children entertained, but also a great way for them to keep learning.


Enjoy virtual experiences

Many people have cancelled their vacations abroad this holiday but access to internet means that children can still enjoy virtual tours abroad. You can sit with them and together you can visit iconic landmarks online through Google maps, tour museums and national parks and even go on digital safaris through wildlife webcams.


Make use of online children’s resources

Take time to find some suitable tools, platforms and websites that your child can enjoy online; there are many for different age groups of children. Choose from educational ones like apps for learning a new language or which help with spelling. It’s even possible now for children to attend themed online afternoon teas where the host reads out books to all the children participating in the session while they all enjoy their afternoon tea.


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