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National Council for the Disabled launches new website and logo | 04 December 2020

National Council for the Disabled launches new website and logo

Launching the website …

International Day for the Disabled is observed around the world every year on December 3 to acknowledge the issues faced by persons with disabilities. This year’s theme is ‘Building Back Better: toward a disability-inclusive, accessible and sustainable post-Covid-19 World’.

To mark this occasion, the National Council for the Disabled launched its official website as well as the official logo for the vocational centre for the disabled.

Yesterday’s launch ceremony was attended by the Minister for Youth, Sports and Family Marie-Celine Zialor; chairperson of the National Council for the Disabled Marie-May Leon; the council’s vice-chair, Hon. Naddy Zialor; Hon. Sylvanne Lemiel and some individuals living with disabilities.

In her address, Minister Zialor emphasised the importance of inclusivity of disabled persons in the community. She continued by saying that there should not be differentiation between a person with disability and someone who doesn’t. She gave the example of Hon. Zialor who is part of the seventh cohort of the National Assembly and noted that his disability is not his defining factor as he is serving his term just like any other member.

“The constitution covers every single person from the moment we are born, we do not need more laws that only apply to a specific group of people. What we need is to educate ourselves and evolve our way of thinking,” said Minister Zialor.

Briefing the attendees on the new website and logo, Mrs Leon said the website’s purpose is to promote and give visibility to the National Council for the Disabled and the work it is doing to promote the rights of people with disability.

“The website has been designed in a way that it is accessible for everyone including those living with disabilities. There is still work to be done, but work is still ongoing and it will soon be more accessible to everyone,” said Mrs Leon.

As for the new logo, it was designed by Dylan Waye-Hive who noted that he incorporated the tropical element of the centre as it is located opposite the beach and the vibrant colours which represent the basis of the school such as carpentry, art and agriculture. The logo is enclosed in a circle which represent unity.

“We need to stop differentiating who we are as we are all humans. We need to stop with the notion that people with disabilities are vulnerable,” said Dylan.

He also called on others living with disabilities not to let it stop them from living their lives and accomplishing their dreams.

“This is not just a day to celebrate but also a day to reflect on what we have achieved as a country and what we need to work on to be a more inclusive country,” said Hon. Zialor.

The ceremony ended with a gift presentation to the attendees sponsored by the Seychelles Trading Company and Seychelles National Youth Council, followed by a lunch sponsored by Lazare Property.


Christophe Zialor

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