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Absa’s ‘Things I wish a bank had told me’ booklet available to the public | 05 December 2020

Absa’s ‘Things I wish a bank had told me’ booklet available to the public

Mr Van Schalkwyk presents a copy of the booklet to Ms Abel (Photo: Jude Morel)

‘Things I wish a bank had told me’ is the title of a booklet guide to personal finances which was made available to the public yesterday.

This booklet written in layman’s language is a personal guide to personal finances as a gift to the people of Seychelles by Absa Bank (Seychelles) Limited, with the aim of promoting financial literacy in the community.

The booklet was launched by the managing director of Absa, Johan Van Schalkwyk, in a small ceremony at the Central Post Office in the presence of Caroline Abel, the Governor of the Central Bank of Seychelles (CBS); Merida Delcy, special advisor to the Minister for Education; Absa staff and other invitees.

The booklet serves as a guide to knowing the basics of banking of regular day-to-day transactions such as loan application criteria and interest, types of cards i.e credit or debit, money withdrawals, transfers and deposits and even tips on how to manage your personal finances. It is to be noted that the booklet is for all customers regardless who they bank with.

The first copy of the booklet, that will now be available in all Absa branches and in the community, was presented to Ms Abel by Mr Van Schalkwyk. A creole version of the booklet will be made available soon, while other guides, including for businesses, are being developed.

In his opening remarks, Mr Van Schalkwyk stated that the components of an optimum customer-bank relationship are irrevocable trust, confidentiality and unquestionable integrity, and the booklet contains information that will help bridge that relationship.

“I hope that this booklet goes a long way in creating an understanding of personal finance and enriching the lives of customers as well as the population when it comes to banking,” he said.

Ms Abel on her part said that banks have a responsibility to pass as much information as possible to their customers so that they make informed decisions that will protect their financial wellbeing.

“I commend this initiative taken by Absa to lend a hand in assisting the Central Bank of Seychelles in its mandate of promoting financial literacy for all,” said Ms Abel.

She noted that the customer-bank relationship is one based on trust, which can only be achieved through a balance of information on both sides, to enable the customers to enter mutually-beneficial agreements for products and services made available by the banks.

She urged the public to make use of all information made available to them.

Absa staff handed out copies of the booklets until late in the afternoon.


Patrick Joubert & Iza Amade


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