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Ministry of Youth, Sports & Family | 11 December 2020

Ministry of Youth, Sports & Family

The heads during the retreat

 Executive members attend workshop on leadership


The Ministry of Youth, Sports and Family executive members attended a one-day workshop on leadership at The Guy Morel Institute.

The workshop is part of the ministry's restructuration plan following the appointment of the new minister and portfolio.

The aim is to equip executives for a smooth transition once the restructuring is finalised and assist with skills and ways to bring about the changes to the employees.

The first session led by Shella Mohideen focused on mind-set training to get the participants to understand their type of mindset, and that it is possible to change from a fixed to a growth mindset.

Participants understood that a change of mind-set is an important part of a continued path of personal and professional development.

Mrs Mohideen said that the participants showed understanding that the fixed mind-set is not something they are born with and that it is created and inculcated within people’s minds.

“Knowing this is extremely powerful, but reversing from a fixed to a growth mind-set is now their ongoing task,” Mrs Mohideen said.

Timothe Sinon initiated his session by commending the ministry for this great initiative and called on other organisations to partake.

His presentation focused on understanding the connotations of ‘leadership’.

At each of the familiarisation visits to the different portfolios under her ministry, Minister Marie-Celine Zialor highlighted the need for inter-ministerial coordination and anticipates the leadership knowledge acquired will bring about new abilities and connect executives to work together.

She also explained that the much-needed change has to start with the heads and they can therefore lead others.

The one-day retreat brought together the head of the ministry, Minister Marie-Celine Zialor, special advisor Kevin Vidot, heads of the three departments namely Fabian Palmyre (youth and sports), Marie-Josée Bonne (family department), Alvin Laurence (department of poverty alleviation). At present, the Ministry of Youth, Sports & Family is also parent ministry to five national councils and the chief executives of three of these councils were also present at the retreat. They are Yasmin Umarji (National Council for Children), Jean Larue (National Sports Council) and Penny Belmont (Seychelles National Youth Council).

     Officers within the human resource and administrative governance of the ministry were also present.


Press release from the Ministry of Youth, Sports & Family

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