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Futuro Sports Sesel partners with SYAH Seychelles for an educational workshop and clean-up activity | 16 December 2020

Futuro Sports Sesel partners with SYAH Seychelles for an educational workshop and clean-up activity

Futuro Sports Sesel proudly collaborated with SYAH (SIDS Youth Aims Hub) Seychelles for an educational workshop about climate change and mitigation methods at the University of Seychelles (UniSey), Anse Royale on Saturday December 12, 2020.

SYAH Seychelles is a youth-led non-governmental organization that promotes and advances sustainable development projects. There were two main speakers from SYAH Seychelles who were present for the activity, namely, Maria Finesse and Anaël Bodwell – the co-founder of SYAH Seychelles.

The presenters from SYAH were able to make the participants work in small groups to come up with innovative ways to mitigate climate change as individuals, but they also had to come up with possible solutions to help Seychelles as a whole.

Everyone present had to put on their ‘thinking hats’ and discuss possible solutions for the current environmental hurdles that Seychelles is facing as a country.

Also present for the presentation was Terrence Vel, chairperson of the Wildlife Clubs Seychelles, who is based at the UniSey.

Mr Vel delivered a fact-filled presentation about mangroves, their importance for the environment and their uses.

He also went on to coordinate a small clean-up activity for the participants in a mangrove farm only a few minutes’ walk from the UniSey campus.

Mr Vel is also a grant recipient of the GEF Small Grants Programme (SGP) – UNDP and was very proud to have participated in such an activity with Futuro and SYAH.

The GEF - SGP embodies the very essence of sustainable development by “thinking globally acting locally”. SGP demonstrates that community action can maintain the fine balance between human needs and environmental imperatives.

To end the day, Amanda Port-Louis, a member of the Ocean Project Seychelles, demonstrated how everyone can sort their waste in the right way. She did this by using the waste that the participants picked up from the site where the mangroves were found.

The chair of Futuro, Lucas Panayi, explained that they conducted this activity as part of Futuro’s Project to engage youth in sports to help with climate mitigation in Seychelles. The main aim of this activity was to determine the impacts that climate change has on Seychelles and enable the youth to find innovative ways to mitigate these effects. He considers the event as a success and was proud of everyone who participated.

Apart from being proactive to achieve Sustainable Development Goal (SGD) 13 – Climate Action, Futuro has also been working to accomplish other Sustainable Development Goals such as Goal 17 – Partnerships for the goals – as it values inclusive partnerships at the national and local levels, which is why Futuro has proudly partnered with SYAH Seychelles.

The recently crowned Miss Seychelles, Kelly-Mary Anette, the First Princess Shannen Henrie, the Second Princess Elsia Françoise along with a few other Miss Seychelles participants were present to support Futuro and SYAH for this great initiative for the youth. They have also expressed their enthusiasm to participate in any future activities that aim to keep the youth of Seychelles on the right track for sustainable living.

Mr Panayi strongly believes that the young boys and girls that form part of Futuro can help Seychelles stay on the path for sustainable development, by actively taking part in such projects and plans as was conducted at UniSey, as well as sharing the facts that they learn through these educational workshops with their friends and family. He believes that education and awareness initiatives are essential for climate action in Seychelles. Mr Panayi along with his project manager, Elna Etienne, hope that for future projects, more parents, children, and NGOs can join with Futuro to do good for the community.

The accompanying photographs show some highlights of the recent activity organised by Futuro and SYAH.



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