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ANB records several drug-related cases in November | 17 December 2020

The Anti-Narcotics Bureau within the Seychelles Police Force has recorded several cases of drug-related offences at its stations and these cases were as a result of searches and drug seizures registered during the month of November 2020.

Most of the cases which were recorded were in majority cases of possession of a controlled drug with a total of 36 cases, out of which 24 were on Mahé, seven from Praslin and five from La Digue.

Cases of trafficking in of a controlled drug were recorded on two islands only ‒ four on Mahé and one on La Digue. In addition, one case of cultivation of a controlled drug (13 cannabis plants) plus one case of assaulting a police officer were recorded on Mahé and one case of giving false information was recorded on Praslin which add up a grand total of 44 drug-related cases.

These cases came out of 717 searches either on persons, premises, motor vehicles and sea vessels which were conducted on all three main Islands.

A total of 489.66 grammes of controlled drugs were seized during the searches and they are 25.56 grammes of herbal cannabis, 428.37grammes of cannabis resin and 35.73 grammes of heroin, plus the 13 cannabis plants.

Most of these registered cases will be prosecuted through the Attorney General’s Office and a joint investigation is being undertaken between the ANB and the Mauritius Police into a regional case of drug importation.


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