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Travellers contribute over R1m to protect Seychelles’ environment | 31 December 2020

Travellers contribute over R1m to protect Seychelles’ environment

The handover of the cheque

Travizory has presented the Republic of Seychelles with R1,229,540 million (€47,290) for the Environment Trust Fund, thanks to the generosity of travellers visiting the country.

Travizory’s cutting edge Health Travel Authorisation module, part of its wider Visitor Management Platform™ (VMP), was instrumental in the controlled growth of Seychelles’ international arrivals since September 15, 2020. The module provides local authorities with a platform to approve travellers to enter the country safely and confidently while reducing the risk of translocation of Covid-19 to the Seychelles. It also provides travellers an opportunity to donate to the Seychelles Environmental Fund.

Established in 1994, the Environment Trust Fund has as its objectives, reducing pollution, protecting the environment, beautifying Seychelles, and promoting environmental education. Through the years, it has funded projects by numerous organisations, each delivering a positive impact in the archipelago and its residents.

Flavien Joubert, Minister for Agriculture, Climate Change and Environment, said: “I would like to thank the more than three thousand two hundred travellers that have decided to give money to help finance our projects towards a better environment in the Seychelles. Our projects are very cost effective and travellers should be reassured their contributions are having an impact in the Seychelles.”

Doctor Conrad Shamlaye, chairman of the Public Health Authority, said, “We are proud of our health travel authorisation and airport arrival health screening systems, which we believe must rank among the most advanced in the world. It is fantastic to see the safety measures we have put in place for people are also helping the environment.”

The most generous travellers came from the United Kingdom, Switzerland, Germany and the United Arab Emirates, with more than 1 in 4 contributing with a donation. In the spirit of Christmas, 2 generous German donators made the highest contribution of €500 in December. In total, travellers from over 130 different countries contributed. One in ten Seychellois also contributed to the fund including 2 Seychellois who donated 50€.

Speaking on how Travizory’s VMP is helping the Seychelles, Antony Derjacques, Minister for Transport, said, “The Seychelles Islands travel authorisation system, combined with our API platform, has demonstrated its ability to screen travellers before they land, as well as tracking people when they are here. There is absolutely no question it is helping to keep the country almost Covid-19 free. This has been possible thanks to a huge multi-ministry team effort, led by my principal secretary for Civil Aviation, Ports & Marine, Alan Renaud.”

PS Renaud said, “Our Seychelles Islands travel authorisation system simplifies the passenger journey for all airlines flying here. And it reassures travellers that they fulfil health entry requirements before they even leave their homes. Nothing makes me happier than when I see travellers flash their smartphone wallet travel authorisation when they arrive. Every time I see it, I feel proud knowing Seychelles is at the vanguard of border security. And this is only the beginning. The next stage is to make our airports, and our customs and immigration process, totally contactless, and to extend the scope to arrivals by sea. We intend to continue leading the world, exceeding IATA, ICAO, and IMO recommendations.”

Renaud Irminger, CEO Travizory, said, "Travellers coming to the Seychelles are confirming that the environment is important to them. It’s impossible to come to this beautiful place without recognising the beauty and power of nature. You’d need a heart of stone not to be moved by the splendour of the islands, so I’m not surprised people are donating to the Environment Trust Fund. At Travizory, we certainly always look to work with the governments to include initiatives that will benefit the local population and the environment. This is the first of many donations.”

The Travizory technology allows Seychelles health authorities to collect identity and health information directly from the traveller via easy-to-use web and mobile apps. The information is fed securely into a single system, providing advance information about all travellers wishing to travel to the Seychelles. The system gives authorities the capability to run rapid and efficient vetting procedures to minimise Covid-19 risks and other security threats.



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