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No school: Will CWS offer extra GB to the students? | 13 January 2021

• ‘After assessing its network capacity, CWS will introduce different offers’


In Seychelles to have access to cable TV, internet or phone services you have to buy either a post-paid or prepaid service from a provider. But once you sign up for a service you expect that the provider delivers. Since November 2019, Cable & Wireless Seychelles became a 100% local entity and during the first lockdown in April-May 2020 we commended this company for providing 50gb of data for all students. Can we expect the same service from them again?


Seychelles NATION: We have noticed certain changes in your services such as some channels do not work and international phone call packages have stopped, among others. Can you please explain these changes?

CWS:In the world of TV providers, different factors cause TV channels to become unavailable on a platform. CWS TV, not being an exception, has been faced with some challenges as follows:

  1. Rights are no longer available for our region as suppliers discontinue the channel due to viability. In these two cases, CWS works on a cost-effective replacement which sometimes may take longer to negotiate.  
  2. Another factor is the increased price at the end of the signed contract with the providers. Many instances CWS subsidise the increase for its customers. CWS has been absorbing the impact of the increased foreign exchange rate for the past 12 months. But this is unsustainable. However, since the rupee devaluation, CWS has not yet raised the rentals although our costs increased substantially. 
  3. With the digital world continually upgrading, some providers change their delivery method; from Satellite to IP or vice versa. In these instances, CWS procure additional investment to accommodate changes.

Regarding CWS international call packages, the constant devaluation of the rupee has been the main factor. Every international call is paid by the customers in local currencies, while CWS must pay the foreign exchange to suppliers. CWS is in the process to re-evaluate the prices, and once it is complete, it will reintroduce those packages. But for now, all international calls via fixed and mobile are still available for customers.


Seychelles NATION:If the semi-lockdown situation continues and there is no school, will CWS provide more data to students as it did last time?

CWS: CWS is aware that due to Covid-19, most schooling will be online. CWS is currently accessing its network capacity. If the network can cope, CWS will introduce different offers for households.  


Seychelles NATION:Is it possible to also know the number of phone/internet/TV clients you have and if this has changed since its local acquisition in 2019?

CWS : It came as great news when CWS was locally acquired. CWS saw a rise in their customer number. Like every business, Covid-19 has substantially impacted CWS revenues, cost and customer numbers. CWS remains committed to providing world-class communication services and solutions whenever and wherever people work, play, and have fun in this challenging time.


Vidya Gappy

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