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Elections 2020

President Ramkalawan to deliver state-of-the-nation address on January 22 | 18 January 2021

President Wavel Ramkalawan will present the state-of-the-nation address to the National Assembly on Friday January 22, 2021 at 5pm.

This is going to be President Ramkalawan’s first state-of-the-nation address since he came to power after winning 54.9% of votes during the October 22-24, 2020 general elections.

The address is in accordance with Article 65 of the Constitution and this will also mark the first sitting of the National Assembly for 2021.

When addressing the nation in his capacity as head of state and head of government, President Ramkalawan will be telling the people what government’s programme of action is for the year ahead, meaning his plans for the country and the people of Seychelles.

When the population is aware of what government is doing, it means we can all become involved and also take part in government’s plans to build a better life for all.


Gerard Govinden

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