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Public urged to sterilise their dogs in free district clinics | 16 July 2019

Public urged to sterilise their dogs in free district clinics

Dog owners or guardians are being urged to seize the opportunity of free sterilisation clinics that have started in the districts to have their dogs neutered.

During the first in a series of such free outreach clinics organised on Saturday July 13 at the Pointe Larue district administration office by the Ministry of Fisheries and Agriculture and the Veterinary Services of the National Biosecurity Agency (NBA), 32 out of 52 dogs that were booked in for the operations underwent the procedure, veterinarian Maria Tirant stated.

“The turnout was satisfactory but we were expecting more and at least all those who booked to turn up,” she said, pointing out the numerous benefits of neutering the dog for pet owners.

These include animals not roaming around in search of a mate, more healthy and less stressed animals, no unwanted litter which very often end up at the bin sites, among many more.

As pet owners and guardians will be responsible to neuter their dogs as a prerequisite of the new law on the control and protection of dogs that will come into force soon, they are being urged to make the most of the sterilisation clinics and not wait for the last minute.

Dr Tirant noted that the next clinic will be held at Anse Royale during the course of next month.

She went on to inform pet owners that if they bring their dogs to be neutered they can also purchase a microchip for their animals but this will amount to R50 apiece and this she stressed is also a requirement of the new law which all dog owners will have to abide by. She is therefore urging dog owners to watch out for the next sterilisation clinic to book their animals.

Saturday’s clinic targeted dog owners from Brilliant, Cascade, Pointe Larue and Anse aux Pins regions.


Photos courtesy Ministry of Fisheries & Agriculture



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