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Health department receives donations from Anglican diocese and HSL | 22 January 2021

Health department receives donations from Anglican diocese and HSL

The HSL team handing over the company’s donation to Dr Louange (Photo: Thomas Meriton)

The health department has received two sets of donations from Hospitality Supplies Ltd and the Anglican diocese. These include a patient monitor from the Anglican diocese and multiple hygiene products from HSL.

The handover ceremony took place yesterday afternoon at the Sheikh Khalifa Diagnostic Centre.

First to present its donation was the Anglican Church who was being represented by Bishop James Wong and Reverend Christine Benoit.

They presented Doctor Danny Louange, chief executive of the Health Care Agency, with the patient monitor worth R202,811 that was bought through donations made by parishioners.

Deputy chief executive of the Health Care Agency, Kathleen Cécile said they were approached by the church last year as they wanted to donate something that would go towards the response to Covid-19 and the agency suggested a patient monitor.

Doctor Louange thanked the bishop and the church for the donation, saying many people in isolation who are suffering from the virus will benefit from the piece of equipment which measures blood pressure and how much oxygen is present in the body.

“This donation shows that we are not alone in the fight against Covid as the church and the community have come together to help us,” said Dr Louange.

As for Hospitality Supplies Ltd, its donation consists of a substantial amount of important supply that will go towards maintaining the level of infection prevention control.

The donation is worth R247,861 and will go towards the vaccination centres.

Manu Karan, general manager of the company, presented the donation to Dr Louange and noted that “it’s a privilege to support the ministry’s endeavours”.

Dr Louange thanked him and remarked that the donation is well appreciated as HSL is a company that works in close partnership with the hospital.

He added that the donation will go towards the vaccination campaign and is appreciated greatly.

“We feel that we are not alone as the donation comes from the private sector, a business that wants to contribute towards the fight against Covid,” added Dr Louange.


Christophe Zialor

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