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Home-schooling: How are the children faring? | 06 February 2021

Home-schooling: How are the children faring?

Elyana (P5)

Once again, our newspaper reached out to the children to see how they are faring with home-schooling. We asked them two questions: How is home school going for you? What do you miss the most while not in school? Enjoy the read!


Kishan (P6): “Very good, exciting and it is a new experience going virtual. A different way of learning and I'm adapting although internet is slow..Missing the fellowship with my friends but spirit of togetherness is there...”


Tara (P5): “Home-schooling is ok, not too bad but sometimes you need help understanding things and mum helps a lot. But it is not the same as being in class with our teacher. What I miss most is spending time with my friends and being out of the house and surrounded by people of my age.”


Maya (P5): « L’école à la maison ça va, quand j’ai besoin d’aide, ma mère m’aide. A l’école c’est meilleur. À la maison je manque tous mes amis, si je suis à l’école tous de suite je veux donner des gros câlins à mes amis. Et je manque le Maître. »


Raphael (P5): “School at home is rather tiresome as I do not really enjoy classes online, I prefer to be in class with my friends and Maître. I really miss playing football with my friends.”


Céleste (P5): « L’école à la maison c’est bien. Parce que je peux passer beaucoup de temps avec ma famille et travailler tranquille. A l’école je manque le travail et jouer avec mes amis. »


Shernaz (P4): “Home-schooling is a bit weird. I’d rather be at school. I miss my teachers and friends. I hope we can be back soon; I can’t wait it’s been so long.”


Amani (P5): “Home-schooling is going very good and fun for me but the thing I miss about school is my friends and teachers.”


Kiera Charles (P3): « Dan lakour i gou fer leson selman mon pli kontan al lekol ..laba mon pli kontan aprann ek mon mis. Mon pe al dan P3. Mon mank mon Mis ..Mon anvi vwar zot..apre mon bann zanmi pour nou zwe ansanm. »


Nandro (P5) : “Home-schooling is ok so far. My mum and I prepared a timetable similar to the one we have at school. But it is not easy to follow because sometimes I watch the programmes on TV for the schools. I love watching the quiz on TV as I learn a lot of things. My class teacher Miss Pauline sends my mum lessons on whatsapp every week for me to do. I do the lessons only during the week until lunch time. Weekends I am free and I play my PS4 game. I miss my friends especially my two best friends Fabio and Julio. I also miss my two teachers Miss Pauline and Miss Joycy. I miss playing with my friends at school too.”


Emma (P4): “It's difficult because my teachers are not around to help me and sometimes it feels like I'm doing more work than when I am at school but it's awesome because I get to use the laptop on my own for the first time. My parents are working and they go over my work at night and I don't like doing the corrections late at night. I miss my friends, my teachers and all the subjects I use to do at school like sports and art classes but not maths.”


Raizel (P4): “I miss my friends from school and I prefer normal school because I can be with my classmates and have different activities.”


Sacha (P5): “I really enjoy home schooling as I do it at my own pace and if I cannot understand I ask my mom or sister for help. I miss the interactions with my friends and teachers.The good thing about home-schooling is it’s less stressful to rush to wake up early and get to school on time.”


Evan (P6): “I also prefer normal school because I can play with my friends. I also miss my friends and teachers too. But I also like home-schooling because I get to watch fun videos to make learning more interesting.”


Elyana (P5): « C’est bien, c’est différent que quand nous sommes en classe. On a plus de devoir à faire et c’est difficile sans le maitre. Ma maman doit rester à la maison pour m’aider à se connecter sur zoom. Elle est comme ma maitresse mais j’aime mon maitre le plus car il explique mieux comment faire les travaux. Je manque mes amis, je manque parler et jouer avec eux. Je manque les récréations et je manque le sport. Je manque aussi les groupes qu’on fait après les heures de classe. »


Vidya Gappy

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