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President Ramkalawan regrets Loto’s absence on Platinum committee | 09 February 2021

Following the United Seychelles political party’s decision to remove leader of the opposition (Loto), Honourable Sebastien Pillay, as a member of the Covid-19 Platinum committee, President Wavel Ramkalawan has released the following comments, condemning the party’s decision.

President Ramkalawan said:

“It is with much regret that I have learnt that the US has ordered Hon. Sebastien Pillay, leader of the opposition, to withdraw from the Covid-19 Platinum committee, the highest level at which the related issues are discussed and national decisions taken. I have not received any communication from Hon. Pillay as of Sunday February 7, 2021.

“Hon. Pillay was not representing a political party on the Platinum committee, but rather his office. He had participated in one meeting, and it is on record that I expressed my appreciation for his contributions that helped push the country towards greater restrictions. He had also expressed the sentiment that in difficult times everyone should come forward and give a helping hand. Leaving the committee at a time when the situation is at its worse is indeed regrettable.

“I have always believed in inclusivity to the extent that I had offered all politically named ambassadors to remain in post. They resigned. In the same way, by inviting Hon. Pillay, leader of the opposition to be part of the Platinum committee, I was extending a hand as a sign of respect for the office he holds and offering a platform to participate in national issues. This is a privilege I have never received from the US when it was in government. I guess just this puts an end to who believes and practises collaboration and a non-partisan approach to addressing national issues.

“I would like to remind everyone that there is no room for politics as we address this Covid pandemic. Unity and togetherness are what will help us come out of the worrying times stronger as a nation.”


Source: Office of the President

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