Better traffic flow expected on highway and airport area as from next week


In view of growing frustration from motorists with regard to traffic congestion at the new airport roundabout still under construction at Pointe Larue, Seychelles NATION contacted the Seychelles Land Transport Authority (SLTA) to shed light on the problem

According to the agency’s chief executive Parinda Herath, the project is still in progress and some missing components are causing traffic congestion during rush hour.

“As there is still some road tar which needs to be added and most importantly there are road markings and guidance lines which need to be put in place, there will definitely be congestion at this roundabout as at the moment motorists are using this new development as a single lane roundabout when it should be a dual lane roundabout,” he said.

Mr Herath said this project is also being done simultaneously with an ongoing project inside the airport by the Seychelles Civil Aviation Authority (SCAA).

“The SCAA is working on a project to alter traffic circulation within the airport premises. There is a slip lane leading from the highway to the airport which is supposed to be used by people going directly to the airport so they do not have to go to the roundabout to enter the airport. The existing entrance of the airport will be blocked off and all vehicles will have to go round the roundabout to enter the airport in the new access road. So once the current entrance is closed there will be less conflicting points and congestion will be lessened,” he said.

This project which started about five months ago is expected to be finished over this weekend if the weather permits.

Mr Herath said there was a delay in the roundabout project due to certain challenges they faced especially with the storm water drains in which water had to be drained out after every high tide.

He said there is also delay with the SCAA project to change the traffic flow internally; therefore the existing exit will remain open until the project is completed.

Mr Herath is discouraging motorists from using the slip lane to manoeuvre out of the highway traffic as it affects the airport operations.

“We expect to see improvement in traffic flow as from next week but if it worsens we will look into the possibility of closing the slip lane until the SCAA project is completed and SLTA together with the police will visit the site to review the situation to see if there are any remedial measures which can be applied to ensure there is no rat running taking place,” he said. 

There is also a project underway at the crossroad on the Bois De Rose Avenue which leads to the STC hypermarket.  Mr Herath said a roundabout will be built there and they expect to construct a four-way and a three-way lane.

It is expected to be completed within the first quarter of next year.

There has also been talk of the Francis Rachel Street being turned back into a two-way lane and Mr Herath clarified by saying that according to a survey conducted by the SLTA it will not be possible to turn it into a two way lane as it will cause more congestion.

“We are recommending that a third lane is added to Francis Rachel street, a route that leads from the clock tower to the Le Chantier roundabout. There is currently a road which leads towards the stadium car park and we wish to extend it to the roundabout,” he said.

He said this has been there in the Victoria master plan all along but SLTA has not received approval yet.