President Danny Faure’s New Year message 2018


‘Our unity is what takes us forward’


“Seychelles needs us all to move our motherland forward. Each of us, we have our own contribution to make,” President Danny Faure has said.

President Faure said this in his New Year message delivered during the 8pm news bulletin in Creole on the Seychelles Broadcasting Corporation (SBC) TV on Sunday December 31.

The president’s message reads:

“2017 has been a year of learning to adapt to a new environment, and building trust to work together as a Nation. We faced many challenges, but together, we found the courage within ourselves and we persevered. We learned to agree and disagree peacefully, and we cultivated more tolerance. We recognised the importance of dialogue, which united us further. We learned to compromise for the higher good of our beloved country, and we also learned to celebrate our achievements together. 

“But there is a lot more to be done. As we prepare to welcome this New Year, we recognise the great potential it holds for each of us. This new year will mark 25 years of our Third Republic. We celebrate 25 years of our Constitution, the Supreme Law of the land that gives every man and woman their full rights as a citizen of Seychelles. However, the Constitution has no power on its own. We the people give it power with our participation and the choices we make.

“We have the responsibility to make good choices. The choice to look after our children, and show them good values. The choice to take care of our elderly, and learn from their experiences. The choice to work hard, and support one another in the community. The choice to protect the natural environment that we have inherited and that we need to preserve. The choice to take care of ourselves, and look after our health. The choice to show respect. The choice to respect different opinions, and not let them break our friendships. 

“For 25 years, we have journeyed through the evolution of our democracy, and as one people, Seychelles needs us all to move our motherland forward. Each of us, we have our own contribution to make.

“The start of a new year always presents an opportunity to start fresh. Let us set new resolutions for ourselves, and for our country. Let us work hard toward a shared vision of a Seychelles where every citizen lives in dignity; where all our actions are filled with love, respect, and compassion; where we share what we have, and lift up those in need; where, through dedication and sacrifice, we create a more caring and humane society.

“As Head of State, I will continue to work even harder to unite our people to achieve this vision.

“Our unity is what takes us forward. We are one country, one people, one big family, and we share the same identity. May God continue to bless our beautiful Seychelles.

“I wish each and every one of you, everywhere you are, a happy and healthy New Year 2018, filled with prosperity and good cheer.”