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Archive - Archive 2004 - July 2013

Real time, onshore sports betting kicks off in Seychelles |22 August 2011

Local sports fans hitherto starved of the ability to support in real time and onshore their favourite football teams or unable to satisfy their desire to take a flutter on international sports events of their choice, need worry no more.

A new Seychelles-based international sports betting company called David Hill, equally owned by Didier Cicurel, a Mauritius-based Swiss investor, and Cyril Durup, a Hong Kong-based Seychelles businessman, has set up shop in Victoria, specifically to meet those needs.
Announcing the start-up of the new business venture, the two investors said they were encouraged to open up here because market research had shown that there was a commercial niche in the Seychelles for promoting sports betting in general and football betting in particular.

Specifically, their talks with various sports associations and other interested parties in Seychelles convinced them that there was indeed a pent-up demand among local football fans to be able to support their favourite football teams and also to place small, quick and easy-to-understand bets on international matches of their choice.

In their formal presentation to obtain their operating licence, the two investors pointed out to the authorities that football and other sports betting activities were already possible in Seychelles but that it was done mostly in a complicated manner, which earned the country little or no revenue.

They also pointed out that their business venture would be contributing significantly to the Seychelles economy by creating new jobs, renting new premises and purchasing materials and services.

Furthermore, the two investors emphasised that they were not only interested in making money but had a social conscience as well in that they had decided to earmark part of their profits to create a fund which would, among other things, donate money to support local sports bodies, sponsor local sports talents and support families adversely affected by the gambling habits of a family member.

According to the new investors, their business plan is to initially open up two betting shops in Victoria: in Francis Rachel Street and in Kingsgate House respectively. Thereafter, they would open other betting shops in Anse Royale, Beau Vallon, Grand Anse and Praslin.

They insisted that although football in general, and the English Premier League in particular, would probably be the main events on which bets would be placed, their business operation would encompass taking bets on all other international sporting events that generate interest in Seychelles.

As for the easiness of placing bets, they explained that bettors need simply come to one of their betting shops and place a minimum of R50 on one or more matches, using the highly sophisticated equipment David Hill has already installed.

The more correctly a bettor predicts the results of matches, the more money that bettor will win. All winnings would be payable in David Hill’s offices the day following matches.

Mr Cicurel and Mr Durup also announced that as a special bonus to promote the start-up of the business, they would be offering, for the first time in the Seychelles, a top prize football jackpot of R1 million!

To win the jackpot, punters will have to place a bet of only R250 and predict correctly the results of 14 international football matches.

Feeling lucky? Come check out David Hill’s list of eligible football matches and place as many bets as you want. Who knows? YOU may be the lucky winner of David Hill’s first R1 million jackpot!

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