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PUC organises seminar on power quality |20 November 2013

The Public Utilities Corporation (PUC) yesterday held a one-day seminar on the quality of electric power distributed to consumers.
The seminar, which was attended by PUC technicians, electrical contractors as well as electricians from various businesses, was run by Karl Heinz Otto, a power quality expert from Dusseldorf, Germany.

Mr Heinz Otto is an electrical engineer and business quality and technical expert since 1981.

He is founder of the German group ADP Experts and was leader of the group between 1990 and 2010.

A damage assessment mediation expert in the field of electrical installations and equipment, he performs lectures and seminars in the field throughout the world and provides audits, reports and expert witness services as needed.

He has worked in 37 different countries with a vast number of world known electronic and electrical companies.
One of his grand projects consists of the installation of the biggest chandelier in the world. The multiple LED (Light Emitting Diodes) chandelier is found in the Grand Mosque of Abu Dhabi.

Mr Heinz Otto held a similar seminar in Seychelles two years ago and cited the new developments in local energy production and distribution, such as the newly installed wind turbines, as the raison d’être for the present one.

He explained that while it is necessary to replace old equipment, the new facilities necessitate proper installations and maintenance.
He also warned against faulty equipment from various countries which do not comply with international standards and with instructions written in unknown   languages.

He gave the example of cheap and short lasting electric car batteries which can provoke fire, as one of the latest of electric hazards.

“In electricity everything must be clear in order to permit efficiency and avoid accidents and fire. We must make sure appliances are compatible with the system even when it comes to domestic consumption. So the drawings, diagrams, measurements and writings must be clear.
“New forms of energy may be free from oil, but they are not free from problems. We also have to protect the one earth we have. And to protect the earth we must protect the flow of electricity,” he stressed.

During the day, Mr Heinz Otto lectured on efficient power distribution, monitoring and maintenance, installations, computer control among other topics.

He also interacted with his audience through practical exercises.

Some electrical contractors and technicians present expressed their concern about the faulty equipment and accessories entering the country.

They feel that the concerned authorities such as the Seychelles Energy Commission (Sec), Customs Division, Seychelles Bureau of Standards (SBS) and PUC should be stricter on the matter.

“For example, the standard size of electric cables and the quality of sockets, adaptors and bulbs entering the country are not being respected,” one contractor voiced out.

Commenting on the seminar, the Minister for Environment and Energy Rolph Payet said it is important that we keep upgrading ourselves as lots of dynamics and changes are now occurring in the country’s energy sector.

“People are excited to see things go fast and to be up to international standards. The training is important as it touches the whole aspect of changing our energy distribution system which is complicated by issues of technicality, safety etc. We must also ensure that our young professionals entering the electricity market are well trained,” the minister said.

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