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Indian classical music group plays for charity |30 January 2014

One of the most gratifying results of this year’s 65th Indian Republic Day celebrations has to be the spirit of charity and goodwill it brought across Seychelles. 

It all began on Sunday after the Asian Fusion restaurant hosted a charity dinner which comprised entertainment by veena artist Srimarti Revathi Krishna and her group who was flown in from India by the Pillay R. Group. Their music was described as one without a language or cultural barrier since their performances were in Hindi, English and Creole while other songs were instrumentals.

After the musical group’s astonishing success, Minister for Social Affairs, Community Development and Sports Vincent Merition came up with the idea to host a second event, this time in the form of a concert where the proceeds would go to the La Digue Disaster Relief Fund. The Pillay R. Group took responsibility for the organisation of the event.

Mrs Krishna and her group performed at the International Conference Centre (ICCS) on Tuesday, playing a number of their traditional soothing classical pieces and a few local genres for the enjoyment of the Creole crowd.

“Seychellois generally love music, but this time they really enjoyed it especially because there was some sega and moutya,” Pillay R. Group’s chief Ramu Pillay explained.

Pillay R. Group feels that the night was a success and that it has been able to contribute to the community not only by helping to raise funds for a good cause, but also through exposing the people to new kinds of culture and art.

The success of the event was extremely meaningful to them as it suggests many more events like this will be taking place in the future.

Tickets for normal seats were sold at R200, and seats in the first three rows were sold for R1000 as VIP tickets. Although it was confirmed that all 100 VIP seats have been sold, the total money raised, which was delivered to Minister Meriton at the end of the show, will be revealed on a later occasion by the minister himself.

Organisers would also like to thank all the main sponsors namely Mr Ramani, Ramu pillay, Allied Builders, Sahajanand Builders, Shreeji Construction, Excel Motors, Global suppliers and Rajesh Mathur, all  donating a minimum of SR10,000.

Guests and the general public attending the concert on Tuesday evening

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