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Athletics: Special Events Two competition: Six records shattered |18 February 2014

Six track hand-timing records were shattered at the Special Events Two competition on Friday afternoon at Stad Popiler, giving us hope for an eventful and promising season.

In the male 60m hurdles, Mohamed Harryba erased the previous youth category record of 8.6 seconds belonging to Marvis Confait since January 19, 2002 with a new time of 8.5 seconds.

Joanne Lou-Toy stopped the clock at 7.4 seconds in the women’s 60m flat sprint for a new female senior record. The previous best of 7.5 seconds was set by Joanna Houareau on January 17, 1998.

Lou-Toy was in top form on the day as she also set a new senior record of 17.6 seconds in the 150m race to erase the previous record of 18.0 seconds belonging to Houareau since February 17, 2001 from the books.

Running in the same heat as Lou-Toy, Rennie Mondon tried to keep pace with her senior opponent and she did it so well and was rewarded with a new youth record of 19.3 seconds. The old best of 19.5 seconds belonged to Sabrina Laurence and she got it on February 5, 2005.

 A second 150m record was also set but this time in the male category. It was Dylan Sicobo who erased the previous record of 16.4 seconds belonging to Christopher Laurencine (18-02-2006) to put the new time at 16.0 seconds as he finished second to senior sprinter Neddy Marie who won in 15.4 seconds.

The sixth record of the day was set by the best young athlete of the year Ned Azemia in the 600m race and his time of 1 minute 21.8 seconds (1:21.8) earned him first place and a new youth record.

The old time stood at 1:23.6 and it belonged to Eddie Lozaique who got it on January 30, 1999.

The following are the results of the top-three finishers in each event:

200m hurdles male:  1. Ned Azemia (25.0 seconds), 2. Darius Benjamin (25.1 seconds)

60m hurdles male:  1. Mohamed Harryba (8.5 seconds – New Youth Record), 2. Jean-Michel Vidot (8.6 seconds), 3. Steven Marie (10.5 seconds)

60m women heat 1:  1. Rennie Mondon (8.2 seconds), 2. Peggy Rachel (8.5 seconds), 3. May-Rose Albert (9.1 seconds)

60m women heat 2:  1. Joanne Lou-Toy (7.4 seconds – New Senior Record), 2. Surera Charles (7.8 seconds), 3. Athina Freminot (8.2 seconds)

60m men:  1. Danny D’Souza (6.6 seconds), 2. Dyland Sicobo (6.9 seconds), 3. Yannick Payet (7.0 seconds)

150m women:  1. Joanne Lou-Toy (17.6 seconds – New Senior Record), 2. Rennie Mondon (19.3 seconds – New Youth Record)

150m men:  1. Neddy Marie (15.4 seconds), 2. Dyland Sicobo (16.0 seconds – New Youth Record), 3. Yannik Payet (16.2 seconds)

300m men:  1. Travis Hardy (35.4 seconds), 2. Ricky Pierre (40.0 seconds)

600m men:  1. Ned Azemia (1:21.8 – New Youth Record), 2. Nelson Tamboo (1:26.4), 3. Kevin Mathieu (1:49.3)

2,000m men: 1. Iven Moïse (6:00.1), 2. Jemmy Anacoura (6:36.8), 3. Yannick Barra (6:39.4)

High jump women:  1. Samia Almaze (1.55m), 2. Valerie Hoareau (1.30m), 3. Guyra Boniface (1.25m)

High jump men:  1. Jude Sidonie (1.95m), 2. Leeroy Gamatis (1.90m), 3. Murvin Aglaé (1.80m)

Triple jump women:  1. Athina Freminot (11.19m),   2. Peggy Rachel (9.95m)

Discus women:  1. Debrah Servina (26.92m)  

Discus men:  1. Nelson Dodin (31.36m), 2. Jean-Eve Roseline (29m), 3. Shaquil Cushion (24.94m)

Discus men:  1. Dean William (42.02m), 2. Ronny Bristol (30.87m)

Hammer women:  1. Debrah Servina (23.19m)

Hammer men:  1. Dean William (50.38m)

S. N.

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