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Athletics: Seychelles Track & Field Schools invitational meet |08 March 2014

Athletes compete again in invitational meet

A number of schools from Mahé and Praslin met once again for the third time as they welcomed the Kenya International School for the annual Seychelles Track & Field Schools invitational meet at Stad Popiler yesterday.

The competition which started three years ago brings together several schools as well as the International School from Kenya in the spirit of friendship and competition which goes on for two days.

 It is organised by Airtel Seychelles as well as the National Sports Council (NSC) and the Seychelles Athletics Federation. After it was first held here three years ago, it was decided that it should be made an annual event.

In his opening address, Airtel’s managing director Vikram Sinha thanked the NSC for organising this activity as well as the Minister for Sports, Vincent Meriton, for taking the time to attend this event. He also wished the competitors the very best during the two days of competition.

NSC chief executive Giovanna Rousseau said: “This competition is a good opportunity for you to prepare for the annual Inter-school Athletics Championship in June as well as to give good performances so that you can be included in the national team for the CJSOI competition in December.”

Competitors from Anse Boileau, Anse Royale, English River and Plaisance as well as the International School Kenya have once again come for the competition and for the first time those from La Digue and Praslin have joined.

The competition continues today at Stad Popiler and the following are the top-three finishers in each event for the first day of competition:

100m girls under-14:  1. Rennie Mondon (12.70 seconds), 2. Francesca Rose (13.58 seconds), 3. Shana Lucas (13.95 seconds)

100m boys under-14:  1. Stevio Legaie (11.22 seconds ), 2. Marcus Louys (11.52 seconds), 3. Angelo Padayachy (11.73 seconds)

100m girls junior varsity:  1. Hendra Joubert (13.43 seconds), 2. Stephie Monnaie (13.56 seconds), 3. Laureen Mousbe (13.90 seconds)

100m boys junior varsity:  1. Sharry Dodin (11.13 seconds), 2. Stephan Labrosse (11.34 seconds), 3. Dean Mathieu (11.46 seconds)

100m hurdles girls under-14:  1. Effie Ernesta (19.38 seconds), 2. Melissa Bouzin (19.69 seconds), 3. Lauren Smyth (20.39 seconds)

100m hurdles girls junior varsity:  1. Giorgia Smyth (18.74 seconds) , 2. Lirena Gamatis (20.45 seconds), 3. Falaine Dora (20.86 seconds)

300m hurdles girls under-14:  1. Tessy Bristol (55.46 seconds), 2. Effie Ernesta (57.39 seconds), 3. Chanty Jeannevol (1:01.94)

300m hurdles girls junior varsity:  1. Giorgia Smyth (1:00.80), 2. Akarina Marie (1:04.54), 3. Janessa Laure (1:11.70)

4x100m relay boys under-14: 1. Pointe Larue (49.68 seconds), 2. La Digue (51.06 seconds), 3. Anse Royale (51.95 seconds)

4x100m relay girls under-14: 1. Anse Royale (56.18 seconds), 2. English River (56.36 seconds), 3. La Digue (56.57 seconds)

4x100m relay boys junior varsity:  1. La Digue (46.43 seconds), 2. Praslin (46.89 seconds), 3. Anse Royale (47.65 seconds)

4x100m relay girls junior varsity:  1. Anse Royale (55.62 seconds), 2. Anse Boileau (56.22 seconds), 3. English River (56.46 seconds)

Shot put girls under 14: 1. Heidi Gabriel (10.26m), 2. Ariana Souyana (9.14m), 3. Thyra Boniface (8.27m)

Shot put boys under 14:  1. Vince Raoudy (12.52m), 2. Ryan Radegonde (11.61m), 3. Kieron Esther (11.01m)

Shot put girls junior varsity:  1. Naomie Jeannevol (8.67m), 2. Marvel Esther (8.40m), 3. Juanita Poris (7.88m)

Shot put boys junior varsity:  1. Nelson Dodin (12.40m), 2. Jean-Michel Camille (12.22m), 3. Martin Pointe (11.73m)

Long jump girls under 14:  1. Rennie Mondon (4.53m), 2. Natasha Chetty (4.15m), 3. Leaticha Payet (4.11m)

Long jump boys under 14:  1. Marcus Louys (5.57m), 2. Mervin Monthy (5.24m), 3. Angelo Padayachy (5.20m)

Long jump girls junior varsity:  1. Athina Freminot (4.67m), 2. Natasha Mawjee (4.30m), 3. Velma Ernesta (4.30m)

Long jump boys junior varsity:  1. Norris Brioche (6.13m), 2. Menjel Kilindo (5.93m), 3. A’sonti Hall (5.82m)

Discus boys under 14:  1. Alvin Nicette (26.55m), 2. Nichol Louise (26.27m)

Discus boys junior varsity:  1. Jean-Michel Camille (30.63m), 2. Nelson Dodin (28.49m), 3. Alex Vink (24.42m)

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