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Athletics: Seychelles Track & Field schools invitational meet |10 March 2014

Anse Royale dominates with three category wins

Anse Royale secondary school showed that it remains a force to be reckoned with during this year’s inter-school Athletics School Championship on June 29 as they won three out of four categories during this year’s Seychelles Track & Field schools invitational meet.

The school won the girls’ under-14 (121 points), boys’ under-14 (96 points) and junior varsity girls (101 points) cups, while La Digue took the junior varsity boys cup with 93 points.

Day two of the third Seychelles Track and Field School invitational meet, sponsored by Airtel, was held at Stad Popiler on Saturday and the hot and humid weather took its toll on some of the athletes.

As March 8 was International Women’s Day, the announcer started by wishing all women and girls present at the Stad Popiler a happy women’s day.

It was an exciting second day and there were some very impressive displays from our local athletes as well as those of the International School of Kenya.

The 3,000m boys’ under-14 race was dominated by Sebastien Armtoft from Kenya who left the other competitors trailing far behind with a time of 10 minutes 29.1 seconds (10:29.1).

His time was even better than that of the winner of the 3,000m junior boys’ varsity race, Aaron Sabadin from Plaisance secondary school who won with a time of 10:34.9.

Rennie Mondon and Tessy Bristol are two young and promising female athletes whose names we need to remember for the upcoming inter-school Athletics School Championship.

It needed a photo finish for the organisers to declare Rennie Mondon of Pointe Larue secondary school to win the 200m girls’ under-14 final against Tessy Bristol of Anse Royale.

It was clear that the schools taking part in this friendly competition were using it as a way of measuring how prepared they were for the inter-school Athletics School Championship. This competition should help the schools find their weaknesses and strengths in order for them to fine-tune the techniques of their athletes to come up with better results.
The closing ceremony was centered on the presentation of trophies for the best school in the four different categories – girls’ under-14, boys’ under14, the junior varsity girls and junior varsity boys – and the presentation of certificates to all the schools who took part.

Karren Uma from the International School of Kenya thanked everyone who has contributed towards making the competition a possibility and a success.

She also thanked the medical team, the coaches and the athletes for their contributions. She also told the athletes that they should persevere in their chosen sport and aim to progress further.
The following are overall and individual results.

Best schools:

Girls’ under-14:  1. Anse Royale (121 points), 2. Plaisance (92 points), 3. La Digue (66 points)

Boys’ under-14: 1. Anse Royale (96 points), 2. Plaisance (94 points), 3. Pointe Larue (75 points)

Junior varsity girls:  1. Anse Royale (101 points), 2. Kenya (89 points), 3. Praslin (65 points)

Junior varsity boys:  1. La Digue (93 points), 2. Praslin (73 points), 3. Kenya (62 points)

Individual results for day:

3,000m girls’ under-14: 1. Meryle Rabat (13 :03.9), 2. Naomie Barra (13 :31.6), 3. Chanty Jeannevol (13:41.7)

3,000m boys’ under-14: 1. Sebastien Armtoft (10:29.1), 2. Darius Confiance (11:04.2), 3. Kenneth Mussard (11:29.9)

3,000m girls’ junior varsity: 1. Makena Kinyua (11:40.5), 2. Dianne Belle (12:26.6), 3. Akarina Marie (12:43.1)

3,000m boys’ junior varsity: 1. Aaron Sabadin (10:34.9), 2. ArchilleErnesta (10:38.9), 3. Jose Hernandez (10:44.8)

800m girls’ under-14: 1. Effie Ernesta (2:40.8), 2. Claudia Marie (2 :45.5), 3. Raychelle Sophola (2:45.8)

800m boys’ under-14: 1. Darius Confiance (2:23.8), 2. Mervin Monthy (2:25.9), 3. Calvin Adrienne (2:28.0)

800m junior girls’ varsity: 1. Andria Auguste (2:39.4), 2. Linzy Lucas (2:39.9), 3. Petra Moustache (2:52.3)

800m junior boys’ varsity: 1. Don Fanchette (2:08.2), 2. Slate Rostal (2:08.4), 3. Aaron Vital (2:11.1)

200m girls’ under-14: 1. Rennie Mondon (27.1 seconds), 2. Tessy Bristol (27.5 seconds), 3.Ginessa Ravigna (28.9 seconds)

200m boys’ under-14: 1. Stevio Legaie (23.6 seconds), 2. Angelo Padayachy (24.3 seconds), 3.Stephane Bibi (24.9 seconds)

200m junior girls’ varsity: 1. Athina Freminot (27.7 seconds), 2. Annissa Emile (27.9 seconds), 3. Kendra Joubert (28.5 seconds)

200m boys’ junior varsity: 1. Sharry Dodin (23.2 seconds), 2. Stephane Labrosse (23.6 seconds), 3. Dean Mathieu (24.2 seconds)

4x400m girls’ under-14: 1. Anse Royale (4:42.7), 2. Praslin (5:03.5), 3. English River (5:06.2)

4x400m boys’ under-14: 1. Plaisance (4:09.4), 2. Anse Royale (4 :14.8), 3. Pointe Larue (4:19.2)

4x400m girls’ junior varsity: 1. Anse Royale (4:32.2), 2. Anse Boileau (4:53.2), 3. Kenya (4:54.1)

4x400m boys’ junior varsity:  1. Anse Royale (3:48.2), 2. Anse Boileau (3:51.7), 3. La Digue (3:55.9)

Triple jump girls’ under-14: 1. Agathe Pech (8.44m), 2. Steffie Barra (6.60m), 3. Lauren Smyth (6.33m)

High jump girls ‘under-14: 1. Nayelie Etienne (1.50m), 2. Natasha Chetty (1.45m), 3. Ginella Adrienne (1.35m)

Triple jump boys’ junior varsity: 1. A’sonti Hall (11.88m), 2.Menjel Kilindo (12.72m)

High jump boys under -14: 1.Warren Bibi (1.70m), 2. Joshua Joubert (1.50m), 3. Carlos Almage (1.50m)

High jump girls’ junior varsity: 1. Giorgia Smyth (1.45m), 2. Clara Lepathy (1.35m), 3. Enigma Farabeau (1.30m)

High jump boys’ junior varsity: 1. Norris Brioche (1.90m), 2. Gerard Tirant (1.85m), 3. Norris Bibi (1.80m)


K. B.

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