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Suspects arrested following Robin Freminot’s death |10 April 2014

The ongoing investigation in Robin Norbert Freminot’s death has led to the arrest of two suspects, the father and son who made the citizen arrest on the morning of Saturday March 29, 2014.

A business owner of La Louise and his son apprehended Freminot red-handed stealing from a store situated on their property and reported that they had tied him up before handing him over to the police.  Freminot was already wanted by the police and there was substantial evidence that he had previously been stealing in the area.

Following discussions with Attorney General’s office late Tuesday afternoon with regards to the evidence gathered so far, the two suspects were arrested on the basis that the case was no longer simply a civil arrest on the basis that harm was caused to the suspect.

Speaking to the media, police public relations officer Jean Toussaint said the law states that anyone can make a civil arrest as long as minimum force is used.
“In this case it was clear that harm was caused to Robin Freminot, so regardless of if he was trespassing and stealing, there will be an investigation, especially now that he has died,” said Mr Toussaint.

The two suspects arrested yesterday appeared before the court early yesterday afternoon and have both been remanded for two days to allow the police more time to complete their investigation.
Aged 27, Freminot was arrested in the morning of Saturday March 29, 2014 at around 6.40am.

That same morning (around 8am), Freminot complained he was not feeling well and requested to be seen by a doctor. While arrangements were being made for him to be transported to the hospital, he collapsed. An ambulance with paramedics was called to convey him to the hospital where he was examined and sent for surgery for internal bleeding to the head. He was later admitted to the intensive care unit for post-operative care.

Freminot died on April 3, 2014 and an autopsy performed on his body on Monday April 7, 2014 revealed that it was a fracture of his temporal bone which caused the internal bleeding leading to his death.

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