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CJ launches E-Grey Book |02 May 2014

An electronic Grey Book which brings together the most frequently cited legislation in Seychelles in a single, freely accessible resource, has been launched.  
This was during a short ceremony at the Palais De Justice early this week.

Chief Justice Fredrick Egonda-Ntende and executive legal assistant Jessica Kerr who led and coordinated the project, launched the electronic document. This was in the presence of lawyers, judges, magistrates, members of the Bar Association and representatives of the EU CAP NESTOR which has contributed significantly to the project.

Addressing guests at the launch Chief Justice Egonda-Ntende said the Seychelles E-Grey Book is an electronic publication of 80 statutes and accompanying subsidiary legislation which are likely to be in most common use in our jurisdiction.

“It is a very handy reference tool that can be uploaded on any smart phone, tablet, ipad, laptop or other computers which you can get around very easily. This is answer to those who were complaining of the weight of books to be carried to court,” Chief Justice Egonda-Ntende said.

“All you need is to have a tablet and you have all your essential tools with you before any court. It can be used both online and off line,” he added.

The E-Grey Book forms part of the Seychelles Legal Information Institute (SEYLII) and can be accessed at

Chief Justice Egonda-Ntende said the project has been possible thanks to the help of the African Legal Information Institute who provided two legal experts – Kerry Anderson and Mariya Badeva – who had previously helped set up the Seychelles Legal Information Institute (SEYLII), the help of Open Society which made available a grant to hire a contractor to produce the legislative material which was necessary for the project and lawyer Laura Alcindor Valabhji was retained for this job.

The Indigo Trust of the United Kingdom provided funds for the hiring of Lexum, a Canadian firm, to provide the necessary software and training to use it.

For her part, Ms Kerr said the launch is the culmination of a lot of hard work by a lot of people.

During the launch ceremony she made a detailed presentation on the different features of the E-Grey Book, how it can be used and the different links that can be accessed through it.

Chief Justice Egonda-Ntende for his part expressed his sincere gratitude to everyone as well as all the different sponsors, collaborators and partners for their generous support which have helped in realising the project including the European Union through the EU CAP NESTOR which has donated 15 tablets to the judiciary of Seychelles.

“We shall upload the E-Grey Book together with all legislation in force on them and make them available to every judge and magistrate in this jurisdiction. The European Union’s support ensures that our judges and magistrates are equipped with the latest tools to allow them administer justice according to the law,” Chief Justice Egonda-Ntende added.

He invited all members of the legal profession including law students to make use of the E-Grey Book.




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