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Patrol ship Andromache sails to Colombo for major refit |28 July 2014




Andromache, one of Seychelles Coast Guard’s main patrol vessels, left Port Victoria on Friday for Colombo, Sri Lanka.  

The 42-metre vessel and her 21-man crew are expected to spend one month at the Colombo dock yard where the vessel will be undertaking a major refit.

Andromache is accompanied on the transit by the Seychelles Petroleum Company’s tanker, Seychelles Paradise. Both ships will be undertaking refit at the same dock yard.

In Colombo, major engineering works have been planned on the ship’s hull as well as machinery and other auxiliary equipment.
The refit is part of the ship’s normal maintenance cycle.

Andromache is expected back in Port Victoria by early September to rejoin the Coast Guard fleet and continue with her duties related to the protection of Seychelles waters.

Built in Italy in 1982, Andromache has contributed immensely to the protection of Seychelles waters by conducting patrols and other missions within the Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ).

During the last few years she has been very active in the fight against maritime piracy.




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