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New local Christmas book hits the shelves |13 December 2014

One year after the first local children’s Christmas book entitled Saved by Santa was published, the author has come out with a second book entitled Christmas with the Dolphins.

According to the author, Denise Ho-Tive, the two Christmas books are really special as the designer and artist, who is no other than her husband Terry Ho-Tive, has used the coco-de-mer as his characters and not humans.

Also, the names of all the characters are taken from the streets or roads in Seychelles.

The pictures are taken from famous beaches and locations in Seychelles.

In the first book the artist and designer used an ox-cart as Santa's sleigh. A traditional house was used as well.

In the second book, Christmas with the Dolphins, the characters used are also the coco-de-mer and the new characters are the potao (pitcher plant) a traditional and local plant in Seychelles. Ths new book features more of La Digue.

In this new christmas story the children from the coco-der-mer meet a new family called the potao family.

The two groups of children go out and play and lend a helping hand to a dolphin that got stranded on the beach.

Days later when the two groups of children from the coco-der-mer and potao families had gone out fishing, they got stuck at sea and the same dolphin that they once helped came to their rescue and saved them.

“It’s a really interesting story as it contains adventure, morals and teachings,” said Mrs Ho-Tive.

According to Mrs Ho-Tive a lot of copies of the book Saved By Santa were purchased and sent as gifts last year by people from different countries such as  Australia, Bahrain, Kenya, UK, Canada, as well as from Seychelles. Some government institutions also bought copies of the book.

The Christmas books are currently on sale at Antigone bookshop in the Victoria House arcade and at the Kiosk 2000 next to Pirate Arms.

The original copies of the two Christmas books  have been hand painted by Mr Ho-Tive.

The author said she received inspiration for the stories in the books from her son Huan Ho-Tive.

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