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Authorities dispel speculations surrounding Cap Ternay hotel development |19 February 2015



It has been confirmed that the Cap Ternay hotel development project has not started yet and that no decision has been taken with regard to the development.
This follows public speculations that work has started on the project.

Flavien Joubert, director general for wildlife enforcement and permits and the director for environment assessment and permits Nanette Laure yesterday confirmed that the project is still in the Evironment Impact Assessment stage.

“We are still in the Environment Impact Assessment stage (EIA) and we are still in consultation with the developers to agree on and finalise a document to be presented to the public. The Emirates Group consultants submitted a first draft of the document on January 27 for review and at present we are waiting for them to address certain important issues as has been required  of them,” Mr Joubert stressed.

He noted that the only activities taking place on the site of the project are sediment and soil data collection by the developers and this is taking place in collaboration with concerned authorities.

“No other work is expected to start until the EIA process is completed,” Mr Joubert stressed.

It is to be recalled that there is a proposition for a hotel project development by the Emirates Group at Cap Ternay and a public meeting was held with Port Glaud residents last year to get their views on the development. All their concerns  as well as concerns from other key stakeholders and environment NGOs have been submitted to the project consultants for review.

Mr Joubert said that until all these are addressed by the developers and another EIA report is finalised and presented to the public once again, no decision as to whether the project would go ahead would be forthcoming.




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