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Stakeholders finalise MDG report |31 August 2015

Stakeholders have met for the last time to finalise the Seychelles millennium development goals (MDG) report for 2015.

The validation workshop, held at the STC conference room, was organised by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Transport in collaboration with the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP).

The aim of the workshop was to discuss the content and overview of the report to clarify whether the information is accurate and representative of the reality in Seychelles.

The principal secretary (PS) for foreign affairs, Ambassador Maurice Loustau-Lalanne, PS for environment Alain Decommarmond, chief executives, members of the MDG steering committee, high key officials, stakeholders and other distinguished guests were present during the workshop.

Those present were able to give their suggestions on possible ways to modify and improve the report as this is the last time the stakeholders will be meeting as a group to produce the final report of the MDG 2015.

They also evaluated whether or not the goals had been achieved during the given time – from 2000 until 2015.

This workshop provided them the opportunity to share thoughts and key messages arising from the exchange of diversified opinions and will capture the recommendations for setting national priorities for policy makers and illustrating to the world the people of Seychelles and what we want beyond 2015.

The discussions were led by lead consultant of the MDG report Benjamin Vel.

It is the third report which Mr Vel has worked on and he said the biggest problem he is facing is working with incorrect information.

“The problems which resurface in the reports from 2010, 2013 and 2015 is with information. There is struggle to get the information from the people, we need to beg for it. We are also receiving empty data sets and eventhough it may have its indicators and the years, they are completely empty,” he said.

He pointed out that another issue that keeps repeating itself is the quality of education which is still an issue.  And also drugs which has an impact on the education, the quality of health, and also affecting the health of mothers.

“Drugs also impact on gender disparity and the level of poverty because the new poor in the country are drug users. Their way of life does not allow them to have the money to develop themselves and to take care of their children and help them to develop to meet the criteria and targets of the MDG,” he said.

In her opening address the Ambassador for Women and Children Affairs, Erna Athanasius, said that the world has made significant progress in achieving many of the goals.

“On the other hand it is also a fact that progress is far from uniform across the world or across the goals. However as we come to the end of the 15-year process it is important to note that there are still huge disparities across and within countries,” she said.

She added, “As we approach the 2015 global target for achieving the MDGs this year it is an opportune time to review the progress of the MDGs in Seychelles and produce a final analysis of the impacts of the process on our Seychellois society.”





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