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Ile Perseverance commuters get new bus shelters |26 October 2015




Two new bus shelters built adjacent to each other at the entrance of Ile Perseverance housing estate, a project of the Lions Club of Seychelles were officially inaugurated on Saturday morning.

The Minister for Foreign Affairs and Transport Joël Morgan, the Minister for Labour and Human Resource Development Idith Alexander and visiting second vice-president of Lions Clubs International Naresh Aggarwal unveiled the board to inaugurate the facility.

This was during a short ceremony attended by other Lions in the visiting delegation, local Lions, inhabitants of Ile Perseverance among other guests.

The project has been sponsored by Shreeji Construction PTY.LTD and Laxmi Trading, two companies managed by Lion Keshra V. Bhudia. 

Dr Manoj Shah, a board appointee of the International Association of Lions Clubs, said the Lions’ leaders are extremely proud of the projects initiated and carried out by the Lions and the Leos of Seychelles to help the communities.

“We can assure you that the more they do the more we will continue to support them in their endeavour to assist the less fortunate members of society,” he said.

On behalf of the Lions he extended appreciation and gratitude to the government for its continued support given to the Lions of Seychelles.

Dr Aggarwal said during the short time he has been in Seychelles he has been very much impressed by the numerous projects and initiative by the Lions of Seychelles.

“I am carrying back with me some very good examples of what can be done when you have the heart, passion and compassion and the people to facilitate and make available the facilities for the citizens of the country,” Dr Aggarwal said.

He commended the good initiative of the Lions of Seychelles.

Both Minister Morgan and Minister Alexander expressed heartfelt thanks and gratitude for the Lions’ generous and good project initiatives.

“The Lions of Seychelles are very active and doing a lot of projects for the citizens of our country. It is through projects like these that we touch the hearts of people in our community. We believe in connecting with our people and putting them at the heart of all development,” Minister Morgan said.

Minister Alexander added that the project came at an opportune time when there was a need for a bus shelter in the new district.

“Wherever there is a need there is a Lion,” she added, thanking the Lions Club of Seychelles.   

Mr Bhudia called on the people of Ile Perseverance to appreciate and use the facility wisely and he called on the concerned authorities to maintain the facility as required.

He noted that the Lions will continue to help as much as they can.




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