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Festival Kreol: ‘Fon Lanmal’ |06 November 2015

Creole stylists and designers show off their creations


Seychelles’ young stylists and designers again this year were privileged to have an event that enabled them to showcase their creations for all to see.

At a packed event dubbed the ‘Fon Lanmal’ held at Hotel Sunset Beach, six collections from Seychelles’ young stylists plus one coming from the island of Rodrigues took to the cat walk to the admiration of all present.

The evening was organised as part of the Festival Kreol programme and planned by Christine Chetty-Payet, the director of the Seychelles Institute of Arts and Design.

Among those present at this event were the Minister for Tourism and Culture Alain St Ange, principal secretary for culture Benjamine Rose, principal secretary for tourism Anne Lafortune, the chief executive of the Creole Institute Penda Choppy, and the chief executive of the Seychelles Heritage Foundation Patrick Nanty.

Addressing those present, Minister St Ange said: “Tonight we are gathered to see what we can create. This annual event on the programme of our Festival Kreol is open doors for our young stylists and designers. Yes we are a talented people but the responsibility of the government is to be good facilitators for the people, and tonight is an example where we stage a cultural event with the aim of opening doors for our people,” said Minister St Ange, before asking everyone to applaud Ms Chetty-Payet for her tireless efforts in working with the Ministry of Tourism and Culture to help stage this fashion evening.

"Seychelles is blessed to have the diversity that makes us the unique people we are. Our diverse culture is unique and this is showcased through our unique Creole cuisine like we all enjoyed tonight right here at the Hotel Sunset Beach, our music and our dances also as unique, but the creation we are going to see tonight on the catwalk are all trademark of our very own young and talented stylists and designers. Let us all continue to encourage them and ensure their success with their Seychelles branded creations,” said Minister St Ange.




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