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Be on the fast lane with R&M Services |30 December 2015


Bringing documents to a destination can be time consuming and a hassle especially in this day and age when every minute of your time counts.

With R&M Services, all these problems are taken care of.

R&M Services, a private company located inside the Unity House building lobby (Block A), receives documents on behalf of its clients. Documents vary from private individuals, businesses, services or organisations. 

Documents are kept in safe and secure boxes where clients who have signed up to the service can access them.

What makes the ‘Box’ special is that it allows the box owners’ clients, associates and business partners to have direct access to the box. This means that documents can be dropped into their boxes directly from their associates. This privilege can be enjoyed at any time of the day and even during weekends.

For any business person or organisation, R&M Services also helps to reduce transportation cost to the point of completely eliminating the need to travel around to many destinations to dispatch documents.

This happens when businesses, services or organisations have created a network by advising their connective associates to choose the same service alongside them. In other words, documents can be collected and dispatched right here, right now.

The 24/7 access removes all time limitation, which is beneficial for every business transaction.

The size of the box allows oversize envelopes, magazines and even newspapers to lay completely flat without folding.

Small businesses can use the box as a point of contact to receive business proposals, documents, etc…, as often times it is difficult to reach their locations or they are too busy to accept phone calls.

R&M Services is a young business belonging to Rodney Labiche and his wife. They started their own company in September with the aim of bringing a much better quality service in the mailing industry.

“The main goal is to offer a drop-off and pick-up service under one roof. This will help reduce the number of destinations our clientele and public travel to access, exchange or dispatch documents. This is being done by steering destinations to one network; less time is spent on the road, quick access to important documents that may be too heavy for email and immediate actions can be taken on the urgent matters,” said Mr Labiche.

To register with the company a person requires forms of identification. One form of identification must be a government-issued photo ID. Valid photo IDs include a current driver’s license, an official state identification card, and passport or armed forces ID card. After filling and registering, the application will be processed and the clerk will issue a key to the customer for documents accessibility.

Mr Labiche pointed out that since the launch of the service, clients have been very satisfied with the results.

“Since we opened about three months ago, we have about 20 clients who are amazed by the quality of service and security we offer them. We hope that R&M Services will grow to be a successful business so that every Seychellois people can benefit from it,” claims Mr Labiche.

R&M Services also sells multiple mailboxes for building, apartments and flats.

To know more about the company, you can drop an email at or you can contact directly on +2482514891/+2482775416.

To learn more about R&M Services as well as terms and conditions, kindly visit the business’ website or visit the Facebook page to see the weekly updates.




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