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Athletics - Low turnout in Special Events One competition |26 January 2016

It was the first competition on the Seychelles Athletics Federation (SAF) calendar and should have attracted a good number of athletes as they look to regain their fitness ahead of another tough year, but it was not to be.

With less than 20 athletes taking part in Saturday’s Special Event One competition, the afternoon of competition only lasted a little more than one hour at Stad Popiler.

The following are the results of Saturday’s Special Events One competition:

300m women: 1. Petra Moustache (46.7 seconds)

300m men: 1. Ned Azemia (35.2 seconds), 2. Nelson Tamboo (36.5 seconds)

60m women: 1. Joanne Lou-Toy (7.5 seconds)

60m men: 1. Sharry Dodin (6.9 seconds), 2. Janosh Moncherry (7.1 seconds), 3. Jean-Jacques Eulentin (9.3 seconds)

2,000m men: 1. Iven Moïse (5:52.0), 2. Greth Estico (6:16.4), 3. Leeroy Didon (6:26.4)

150m women: 1. Joanne Lou-Toy (18.7 seconds)

150m men: 1. Neddy Marie (16.2 seconds), 2. Sharry Dodin (16.3 seconds), 3. Janosh Moncherry (17.0 seconds)

Long Jump men: 1. Jude Sidonie (6.56m), 2. Menjel Kilindo (5.92m), 3. Michel Evenor (5.66m)

Discus women: 1. Debrah Servina (34.66m)

Discus men: 1. Dean William (41.27m), 2. Ronny Bristol (27.95m)

High jump women: 1. Lissa Labiche (1.80m), 2. Natasha Chetty (1.45m)

High jump men: 1. Michel Evenor (1.75m)

Shot put women: 1. Debrah Servina (7.87m)

Shot put men: 1. Ronny Bristol (13.82m), 2. Dean William (13.24m), 3. Michel Evenor (11.81m)


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