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Montagne Posée prison |19 February 2016


New measures to tackle drug problem


A series of new measures will soon come into force to address the issue whereby  inmates are being sold drugs at the Montagne Posée prison as well as other associated problems.

The Minister for Home Affairs Charles Bastienne has said that his ministry has for some time now been working on the new measures which are expected to curb the supply of drugs to inmates, the use of mobile phones, among other related issues.

The home affairs minister said this yesterday at the same time that an anonymous letter is being circulated to all media houses urging the authorities to take action against what it calls “drugs – a lucrative business in Montagne Posée prison -- continues unabated with prisoners fighting over drugs and related issues while their relatives outside are being threatened and bullied if they do not pay for the drugs which their members in prison are using”.

“Drugs are being supplied to inmates in prison and their relatives receive phone calls telling them that they need to pay or the dealers are not responsible as to what will happen to you or your relative in prison,” the letter says.

The letter goes on to state that “some people are transporting drugs inside the prison while a few inmates are responsible to sell and then phone relatives to collect the money”.






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