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Korkky sisters found dead on hotel bed |24 September 2016

The names of the two American women found dead in their villas have been released to the media by the police who are continuing their investigation.

According to police spokesman Jean Toussaint, on Thursday 22, 2016, the Korkky sisters – Ann Marie (38) and Robin Marie (42) – were found unresponsive in their villa at the Maia Luxury Resort and Spa.

“The police were informed about this incident at around noon and immediately emergency services were called to the scene where they (the two sisters) were certified dead by a doctor,” said Mr Toussaint.

The sisters were here on holiday since September 15 and were originally expected to leave on Thursday 22, but had extended their stay till Saturday September 24.

Mr Toussaint added that according to the butler assigned to the villa of the sisters, when he arrived at the villa at 8.45am the sliding door was locked the same way as he left it the night before, but as the day went by he noticed there was still no movement in the room so he informed his supervisor who then informed the management who proceeded to calling the police.

“From the observation done by our police officers, there was no disturbance in the room and the two sisters were found unresponsive on the same bed,” he said.

Preliminary examination done by the police on the bodies of the two Americans did not show any signs of violence or aggression.

However, certain medications have been confiscated by the police for the purpose of the ongoing case.

“What the police can say about the investigation so far is that the two sisters were consuming alcohol throughout the day,” he noted “and the last time they were seen drinking alcohol was at around quarter to seven and they were helped to their bedroom by hotel personnel at around 8.15 pm,” said Mr Toussaint.

That was the last time the girls were seen.

The villa has been secured by the police until they are satisfied that there is no more information that can be retrieved from the scene.

The local authorities have been in contact with the American embassy in Mauritius and therefore the investigation is being jointly done by the local authorities in conjunction with the relevant authorities in the United States.

“The authority appreciates this gesture as the investigation will be done in a more transparent manner,” he said.

The bodies of the Korkky sisters are at the mortuary while investigation is ongoing and the police are awaiting autopsy results to determine the cause of death.






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