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Seychelles world’s most vegetarian-friendly country |21 October 2017

Seychelles is the most vegetarian-friendly country in the world for vegetarian travellers.

With a total Global Vegetarian Index score of 328, Seychelles beat other high ranking nations like Thailand, Malaysia, and Sao Tome and Principe.

The Seychelles’ top score is driven by its high number of vegetarian-friendly restaurants in relation to its small population, alongside its low annual meat consumption. In Seychelles, only 35.6kg of meat per capita is consumed annually – to put that into context, the United States of America (USA) consumes a massive 120.2kg per capita of meat annually.

October being World Vegetarian Month and in celebration of the occasion, Oliver’s Travels have completed the research to find the most vegetarian-friendly countries around the world.

We know that travelling as a vegetarian can sometimes be a difficult task, Oliver’s Travels created its Global Vegetarian Index to rank every country from best to worst for vegetarian travellers.

It calculated the Global Vegetarian Index for every country based on:

1. Number of vegetarian restaurants,

2. Number of vegetarian restaurants in relation to population size, and

3. Annual meat consumption per capita (kg).

While the USA has the highest annual consumption of meat, it did also rank highest for the number of vegetarian-friendly restaurants. However, Seychelles was the country with the most vegetarian-friendly restaurants in relation to population size. Bhutan ranked best for annual meat consumption – consuming only 3kg of meat per capita.

The top-ranking European country on the Global Vegetarian Index was the United Kingdom, with a Global Index Score of 299.

The top ranked countries per continent:

Europe: United Kingdom

Africa: Seychelles

Asia: Thailand

North America: Belize

South America: Peru

Oceania: Solomon Islands






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