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Melvin Jones Foundation Club of Seychelles and Ministry of Health join hands to organise blood donation drive |24 October 2017

Nearly 26 blood donors from  Shreeji Construction as well as individuals have responded positively to a call by the Melivin Jones Foundation Club to give blood under this year’s theme ‘Give Now, Give Often’.

Present for the occasion included the Minister for Health Jean-Paul Adam, Lions of Seychelles members from the three clubs, namely Melvin Jones Foundation, Lions Club & Centennial Lions Club of Seychelles, doctors, nurses among others.

The zone chairperson, Dr Vivekanandan, said the turnout was good and very encouraging.

“I am very much satisfied with the turnout. I believe that timeliness of donations is more important than the donation of large quantities  in one go. We can’t stock the blood for long as usage time is not too long and if not used on time it can go bad and all efforts will not result in positive outcome,” he said.  

“The blood transfusion centre (BTC) of the Seychelles Hospital is always in need of blood. It is for this reason that the Melvin Jones Foundation made a special appeal to all eligible people across the country to enlist as voluntary blood donors in order to save lives and provide quality care to those in need of blood,” he added.

On his part Melvin Jones Foundation Club President Keshra Bhudia thanked everyone who has responded positively to perform a gesture to save a life. 

He noted that blood is the most precious gift that anyone can give to another person. “The need for blood has been constantly growing and maintaining supply of blood is a real challenge,” he said, adding he was happy that the team from his company, Shreeji Construction, has been able to arrange for a large number of donors for the camp.

He added that the Shreeji Construction group is planning to support this activity further with more donors in the next two donation camps during the months of November and December as soon as dates are finalised in partnership with the Ministry of Health.




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