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Trop-X Closing Prices for week ending 03rd November 2017 |06 November 2017

Trop-X Closing Prices for week ending 03rd November 2017

Company Name



Bodco Ltd



Cedarwood International Investments Limited



Sacos Group Ltd


SCR 100.00

Sea Harvest Investment Plc



Seychelles Breweries Ltd



Southchester RF Limited



WM Med 5 Limited



WM Aus Res 1 Limited



WM Cypress Ridge Limited



SA Res 1 Zero2One Limited



Entrepreneur Resorts Limited












Seychelles Breweries Limited (SBL) shareholders are advised that the company will be holding its Annual General Meeting (AGM) on the 2nd December 2017, 11.00AM at Ephelia Resort. A final gross dividend of SCR1.00 per ordinary share has been recommended by the Board, for approval at the AGM.

** Subscription price


After the much-anticipated Budget speech by the Minister responsible for Finance, where different policies are expected to be implemented in the year 2018 in line with the theme “working towards shared prosperity for the people”,this trading week has seen prices remain steady. The Seychelles Rupeeiscurrently trading at 13.74 to the US Dollar, anincrease by 0.41% (when compared to last week), 16.02 to the Euro (decrease by 1.71%) and 18.11 to the British Pound (increase by 0.49%). The average interest rates on T-Bills dropped at the end of the week to 2.75% for the 91-day maturity (from 2.92%) and 3.14% for the 182-day maturity (from 3.51%, when compared to last week).


If you are interested in opening a trading account please get in touch with one of our two broker members who can assist you both in English and Creole:


Constant Capital (Seychelles) Ltd - 434 6820/ or email

PKF Capital Markets (Seychelles) Ltd – 4346770/ or email


Part 7: How are trades conducted on Trop-X?


After opening a brokerage account with one of our broker members as we saw last week, a client is eligible to trade listed securities on the Exchange. Trades are conducted in line with Trop-X’s rules and directives. In order to place an order to buy shares, you need to ensure that your brokerage account is funded with the sufficient capital to cover both the cost of the transaction as well as any brokerage and exchange fees applicable. Similarly, should you wish to sell your shares, you need to ensure that your brokerage account is credited with your shares. 


Once you are set, simple instruct your broker to place your buy or sell order. Orders are matched in order of time andprice priority on the Trop-X trading system. Time priority means that the order that was received first gets priority over other orders that come after it and as such will be executed first. If however orders are received by other clients of your broker at a higher bid (buy price) or at a lower offer (sell price), these will have priority irrespective of when they were placed. 





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