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Agency for the Prevention of Drug Abuse and Rehabilitation |14 December 2017

Board holds first meeting


Drug and alcohol abuse have reached worrying levels in the country with an estimated 5,000 heroine users, 25,000 THC users and more than 90% of adults consuming alcohol.

Hence in September, President Danny Faure announced the composition of the board for the newly established Agency for Prevention of Drug Abuse and Rehabilitation (APDR) in accordance with the APDR Act, 2017.

The board met for the first time on Tuesday at the STC conference room to discuss the way forward in their fight against substance abuse and its social, economic and physical effects.

Headed by the secretary of state for prevention of drug abuse and rehabilitation Dr Patrick Herminie and co-chaired by the member of the National Assembly for Les Mamelles, Bernard Georges, the board is composed of the following members: Patrick Payet (principal secretary for Finance); Odile de Commarmond (principal secretary for Education); Jules Baker (principal secretary for Employment); Marie-Josée Bonne (principal secretary for Family Affairs); Denis Barbe (principal secretary for Habitat); Bernard Valentin (principal secretary for Health); Marie-Celine Vidot (principal secretary for Local Government); Fabian Palmyre (principal secretary for Youth and Sport); Sebastien Pillay (Member of National Assembly); Juliana Esticot (Registrar of Supreme Court); Kishnan Labonte (Commissioner of Police); Susan Fock-Tave (Chairperson of the Seychelles Medical and Dental Council); Sarah Rene (Chairperson of Care); Jules Hoareau; Oliver Bastienne (Chairman of the SCCI); Bishop Denis Wiehe of the Roman Catholic Church; Barbara Coopoosamy (Chairperson of the Association of Media Practitioners); Trevor Hoareau; Doreen Zelia.

Although not all members were present, those in attendance explored certain issues such as relevancy of the board, strategies and policies, and which institutions will implement the agency and board’s decisions.

“I need not reiterate today that our country is faced with an unprecedented epidemic of substance abuse which necessitates a comprehensive response to prevent the uptake of dangerous drugs by our youth and to promote the recovery of patients with substance abuse disorder within their communities,” Dr Herminie highlighted in his opening remarks.

This was followed by presentations on the APRD Act 2017, the overview of the drug control programmes and the agency’s budget allocation for 2018.

An ad-hoc committee consisting of Dr Herminie, Juliana Esticot, PS Bonne, Dr Valentin and Dr Fock-Tave have been set up to interview prospective candidates for the post of CEO and Deputy CEO for the APRD.

The APRD board is the largest in the country and is expected to meet at least three times a year to carry out its mandate.





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