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Guy Morel Institute partners with Vimentis Groups Seychelles to host sales & business seminar |11 April 2018





The Guy Morel Institute and the Sweden-based sales and business marketing company Vimentis Group have partnered to organise and host the 3rd sales and business seminar to take place here on Friday and Saturday this week at the institute at Ma Joie.

The Guy Morel Institute took part in the second seminar held in August 2016 and has since then been instrumental about the Vimentis concepts because it has a mandate to develop business entrepreneurship in Seychelles through different programmes. 

It is for this reason that for this 3rd seminar the Guy Morel Institute is a key partner in organising and hosting the two-day event and the two parties are looking toward building and increasing their collaborations in the future.

Owners and representatives of businesses big and small from the private and public sectors are expected to attend the two-day seminar.

Meeting with Seychelles NATION yesterday afternoon, the founder and chief executive of Vimentis Group, Michel Laporte Godorn, a Swedish with Seychellois origins and the son of an entrepreneur himself, Christopher Lespoir, well known, experienced pilot and country manager of the Vimentis Groups Seychelles; Shella Mohideen, the Dean of the Guy Morel Institute; Marie Celine Zialor, the director of the Entrepreneurship Centre at the Guy Morel Institute gave details of the two-day seminar and the importance of the partnership for entrepreneurial development.

The seminar will feature keynote address speaker and special guest from Sweden, Ulf Stenerhag. 

At the end of the seminar, participants will be more exposed to international sales and business focusing on:

•                     Choosing the right distributor

•                     Promoting international sales

•                     Achieving sales goals in a cost effective manner

The Guy Morel Institute and Vimentis Groups Seychelles is encouraging interested participants to confirm their participation in the seminar via email to or tel: 4381333.

Mr Lespoir said a large group of a wide range of businesses, companies, educational institutions are expected to take part.

“We are trying to show that sales is in every single part of a business no matter the size as long as you are selling a service or a product it is relevant to you,” Mr Lespoir said.

Mr Laporte Godorn explained that he had always wanted to do something that connects him to his roots back here in Seychelles where he has been coming back every year since he was a child and each time he has seen so many interesting and exciting things and a lot of opportunities.

Mr Laporte Godorn explained that Vimentis (which means ‘power of the mind’ in Latin), is a concept based on sales, marketing and personnel development.

“Over the years I have come to realise that knowledge is no longer the key to create maximum performance especially when it comes to sales which is changing all the time and to start a business or engage in any kind of sales marketing, one needs to have new tools and to understand things on a whole new level in order to deliver something extra today,” Mr Laporte Godorn explained.

He went on to stress that “other than knowledge which is crucial, one also needs a mindset that sets you apart from tough competition. It has never been more challenging to build a business than it is today”.

He noted that with the advent of social media, the concept of doing business changed drastically from 2006 onwards and a marketing plan which used to be relevant three to five years ago is no longer.

“Today it is about how to adapt to the tomorrow,” Mr Laporte Godorn pointed out.

He stressed that the issue today is not only a sales strategy based on how to do negotiations, it is also about a sales and growth perspective and this is what separates this seminar from everything else.

Mr Laporte Godorn remarked that Seychelles has got so many advantages when it comes to doing business compared to other countries as it has no cultural clashes, it has the languages and everything in place with nations from different continents not far who can meet and do business here in Seychelles.

“Vimentis is the force that will push the entrepreneurial revolution in Seychelles together with our key partners to a whole new level,” Mr Laporte Godorn stated.

He said so far over the past two years the level of awareness raised through the Vimentis Groups Seychelles network the number of people who have engaged is overwhelming.

“Business is not just about money but about cooperation and under the Vimentis Groups Seychelles network concept we have built a network whereby one can just name a service one needs and through a phone call I can bring the service to your doorstep at no cost within the network,” Mr Lespoir affirmed.

The Dean of the Guy Morel Institute Shella Mohideen pointed out that the business environment in Seychelles currently is what it is but we have to equip our young and upcoming entrepreneurs with the necessary skills to overcome challenges so they do not let go and give up when the going gets tough.

“We are teaching them to be resilient, to be able to overcome challenges and when the going gets tough they just need to get tougher and do not see the challenges as reasons to give up. We want to make them part of this platform so that they are not alone but have support and together we will make sure that they grow,” Ms Mohideen stressed.




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